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Bosch PWB 600 Folding Work Bench

  • The model number of this folding work bench from bosch is : PWB-600
  • The working height of this bench is: 834-mm
  • It's dimensions are 640-mm x 840-mm x 90mm
  • The maximum clamping width of clamping jaws is: 525-mm and the maximum clamping width between the two-part of table is : 85-mm, the depth of clamping is 34-mm
  • The dimensions of table-top is : 680-mm x 550-mm
  • It has a weight of 11.6-kg and the maximum weight capacity which it can carry is: 200-kg
  • It is designed in such a way that it can be assembled in 3 easy steps and can be easily stored also
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