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Stapler / Nailer - UK - £14.99

Item Name : Stapler / Nailer
Brand : Non-Branded

Item Details : Supplied with an impact pressure adjuster. All Steel Construction * All Steel Construction

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Stapler / Nailer

Store Name : Screwfix Direct

Price: 14.99

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Tacwise 140EL Pro 15mm Nailer/Stapler Light weight. Ultra-fast tool for heavy duty or diy applications in softwood or hardwood. Fires 18ga.

Tacwise 191EL Pro 35mm Nailer/Stapler Tongue and groove flooring panelling. Door and window assembly. 10- 35 millimeter (mm) brads 15-30mm staples up to 50 fasteners min single -shot trigger actionrubber nose protectorfastener refill window quick -release nose for jam clearance fires 18ga. p=95.28%

Stanley APC-2in1 40mm Nailer Stapler Adjustable (capability of being adjusted) depth control and no-mark tip. Fires 18ga. 15- 40 millimeter (mm) brads 15- 35 millimeter (mm) staplestrigger action sequential trip adjustable (capability of being adjusted) top exhaust non -marking nose reload indicator (directing device) depth adjustmen p=79.43%

Titan TTB517STP 25mm Corded Nailer / Stapler 240V Heavy duty tool for fastening timber or lesser density materials. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : fires 18ga; 25 millimeter (mm) nails 22 millimeter (mm) staples; up to 20 fasteners min; sequential trigger action; non-marking nose; Quick (fast)

Tacwise Duo 35 / 30mm Corded Nailer / Stapler 230V Innovative corded nailer stapler. Weight 1. 6kg (kilogram).

Tacwise Duo 50 / 40mm Corded Nailer / Stapler 230V The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : fires 180 nails 18ga 20- 50 millimeter (mm) brads 91 20- 45 millimeter (mm) staples; up to 25 fasteners min; on off safety light; removable non-marking nose; reload indicator (directing device) ; Quick (fast) -rel

Tacwise Tacwise Duo 35 Electric Stapler Nailer Powerful (having great power) and versatile a must for all tradesmen the duo 35 is ideal (perfect of its kind) for numerous 2nd fix applications including skirting. Lining. Boarding out.

Tacwise Tacwise Duo 50 Stapler/Nailer Insulation. Pine furniture.

P35 Stapler Plier Type Ideal (perfect of its kind) for sealing and bagging applications. Arrp3514 6 millimeter (mm) arrp3538 10 millimeter (mm).

Draper 8-25mm Air Stapler Kit Plastics and fibreglass. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with accessories (supplementary parts) and 1000 staples in carrying case and display sleeve. p=81.98%

Arrow P22 Stapler Plier Type Hand held for greater manoeuvrability. Designed for reaching into hard to get at places. Use s.

Arrow P35 Stapler Plier Type Heavy-duty steel construction with a powerful (having great power) drive for accommodating tougher materials. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for sealing and bagging applications. Use s t. p=85.45%

SB-2-in-1 Combi Finish Stapler/Bradder Plywood casings and sheet flooring. 25 millimeter (mm) (max) magazine capacity (ability to contain) : 100 (max) operating pressure: psi 75 - 100 bar 5. 1m :80.

SX1838-E Stapler 38mm 18 Gauge 8 - 8. 1m 76. 2 vibration m s2 3.

21680B-E Wide Crown Stapler 84 Series 9 - 8. 4 lwa 1sd 74. 0 vibration m s2 & " ;.

Machine Mart Xtra Bosch GTK40 Pneumatic Stapler No blank firing thanks to 'wood protection system' for absolutely clean working. Rubber-coated tip prevents damage to valuable surfaces.

Machine Mart Xtra Rapesco CT60 ABS Cable Stapler Rapesco's ct60 cable stapler fastens low voltage cable (tv aerial cable. Computer installation cable etc.

Price Cuts Tacwise PRO140EL Electric Stapler & Nail Gun (230V) Fastening furniture trim. Erecting netting or wire fencing and general hobbycraft use. Balanced design (made) and double (twin) buffer system that stops any recoil shock.

Machine Mart Xtra Makita BST221RFE - 18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler The makita bst221rfe stapler provides truly cordless operation without the need for cumbersome and expensive compressors and hoses. Featuring a large staple magazine capacity (ability to contain) and the ability to be operated with staples of varying dimensions (size and measurement in length, wid

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Hot Stapler Deluxe Plastic Repair System Power-tec's top quality hot plastic repair system comes complete with 300 assorted (various kinds) staples and makes a perfect addition to any workshop. Motorcycle fairings and many more. The power-tec plastic repair system is a Quick (fast).

Machine Mart Xtra Makita BST221Z - 18V Li-Ion Cordless Stapler (Bare Unit) Ideal (perfect of its kind) for fast and effective interior finishing. Featuring a large staple magazine capacity (ability to contain) and the ability to be operated with staples of varying dimensions (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are). This is a extremely ve

Bostitch Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Supplied (to your designated address) with graphite striking hammer and floor wheel kit. Fires 38 millimeter (mm) 50 millimeter (mm) l-cleats110-nail magazine capacity (ability to contain) graphite striking hammer fires 38 millimeter (mm) 50 millimeter (mm) l-cleats 110-nail magazine capaci p=79.00%

Bostitch N66C-2-E 64mm Coil Nailer Light weight dual (double) collation nailer. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for all fencing. Roofing and siding applications. p=83.64%

DeWalt DC618KB 63mm Cordless Nailer Quick (fast). Fires 16ga. 32-63mm bradsup to 3 nails (In our listed range of hand tools, these nails comes in wide range of sizes) sec sequential trip contact (bump)led work lightremovable non-marking nose open view magazine Quick (fast) release nose for jam clearancedepth adjustment Fires 16ga. p=79.37%

Bostitch BT1855-E 55mm Brad Nailer Tool-free depth adjustment. Fires 18ga. 15- 55 millimeter (mm) brads trigger action sequential trip non-marking Quick (fast) -release nose for jam clearance. p=91.10%

FN1664-e Magnesium Finish Nailer 16g 6 (min) - 1. 8 - 8. Per shot 5.

Bosch GSN90-21RK Pneumatic Nailer Full power. Even at high firing frequency. Even in continuous use.

Bosch GSN90-34DK Pneumatic Nailer Due to innovative full force technology. Fast work progress due to tool-free release of the magazine when nails are jammed in the firing channel. Even in continuous use.

Dewalt - Nailer Safety Boots (Size 7) The dewalt nailer safety boot is a great quality boot. Tough and durable yet also extremely lightweight. A wide fit and padded inner linings.

Dewalt Nailer Safety Boots (Size 8) Tough and durable yet also extremely lightweight. Making them as comfortable as they are protective. Oil resistant and slip resistant soles.

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