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Sealey Ladder Stand Off - UK - £51.95

Item Name : Sealey Ladder Stand Off
Brand : 0

Item Details : Aluminium framed stand-off. positions ladder 360mm away from work area. fitted with rubber feet to help prevent slipping.

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Sealey Ladder Stand Off

Store Name : Tooled Up

Price: 51.95

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Ladder Stand-off Bracket Ensures safer working practice prevents damage being caused to windows. Gutters.

Lyte Ladder Stand-Off Bracket Fits directly onto your ladder increasing the span at the top to create a 300 millimeter (mm) gap between ladder and wall. Weight 1. 5kg.

Adjustable Ladder Stand-off Bracket Device for holding your ladder clear of any wall. And increasing both the stability and safety of any ladder. Tradesman or diy enthusiast.

2 Way ‘V’ Type Ladder Stand Off This aluminium ladder attachment has been heat treated for additional strength and fits most ladders easily using spring form. Specially designed to fit round corners and over guttering making safer working practice.

Draper Aluminium Universal Ladder Stand Off Fits Most Ladders Universal stand off compatible with draper and other manufacturers ladders. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - :overall dimensionsstand off width nbsp nbsp nbsp.

Sealey Mitre Saw Stand Heavy-duty deluxe stand manufactured (made) from square section steel tube. Sliding arms extend from 1320 to 2100mm. Work support rollers with adjustable (capability of being adjusted) height and swivel capability. p=90.40%

Sealey Panel Stand Work height is fully adjustable (capability of being adjusted) by lengthening chains. Foam cushioned supports help prevent marking of panel. Folds away when not in use. p=89.24%

Sealey Stand for SB972 Floor stand for use with shot blasting cabinet SB972....

Sealey Cycle Stand Corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistant zinc plated steel tubes constructed with aluminium head and foot castings for strength and durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay). High impact resistant jaws swivel through 360 and will accept down-tubes. Mountain and hyb.

Sealey Engine Stand 350kg The head swivels 360 for accessibility to all parts of the engine. Swivel castors provide excellent manoeuvrability.

Sealey Engine Stand 450kg Swivel castors provide excellent manoeuvrability. The head swivels 360 for accessibility to all parts of the engine.

Sealey Engine Stand 550kg This engine stand accepts a wide variety of engines and transmissions. Capacity (ability to contain) : 550kg wid. p=88.35%

Sealey Scissor Stand for Motorcycles Scissor support stand appropriate for use either on a motor cycle lift or on the floor. Raise by hand or with a 22 millimeter (mm) spanner socket. Capacity (ability to contain) : 300kg low pin support minimum hei. p=84.29%

Sealey Floor Stand For Ir1000 Combines all the the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - of a flexible hand-held heater. With all the benefits of a free-standing panel dryer. For exampl. p=76.40%

Sealey Adjustable Mitre Saw Stand Aid material handling and increase productivity making it ideal (perfect of its kind) for use with mitre saws and table saws. Height adjustable (capability of being adjusted) wood-composite top appropriate for sawing. p=79.80%

Sealey Platform Scaffold Stand Robust aluminium frame unit with anodized finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - for durable corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistance. Can be use d as a 3. p=69.83%

Sealey Universal Panel Stand Eight adjustable (capability of being adjusted) bars and 360 rotation make this stand appropriate for almost any panel types. Portable (easily carried) for easy (simple) manoeuvring of application from preparation to spray booth. Built-in tool tray stora.

Sealey Folding Bumper Stand Ideal (perfect of its kind) for storage of bumpers prior to preparation and spraying. Folds away for easy (simple) storage whilst not in use.

Sealey Bench Grinder Floor Stand Also appropriate for other leadin. Bg200 99. p=83.52%

Sealey Adjustable Front Wheel Stand Design (made) ensures rim and tyre protection at all times. Once the bike is supported. Minimum maximum widt. p=95.77%

Sealey Magnetic Stand with Fine Adjustment Precision-ground stand base with rotary controlled magnet. Appropriate for use with scribers and dial gauges. Maximum height: 365mmfootprint: 62 x 50 millimeter (mm). p=88.62%

Sealey Folding Front Headstock Stand Strong tubular frame supplied (to your designated address) with a range (scope and variation) of pins to fit the most common headstock dimensions (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are). Once in place. Makes access (the ability) to all mechanical components at the

Sealey Exhaust Support Stand 750kg Capacity Screw adjustment with easy (simple) -to- use spinner nut and ball bearing thrust race for smooth operation. Adjustable (capability of being adjusted) over 670mm. Capacity (ability to contain) : 750kg minimum height: 1390mmmaximum height: 2060mm. p=84.40%

Sealey Mini Robot Soldering Stand with Magnifier Fitted with two. Cast steel base for additional stability. p=88.50%

Sealey Adjustable Axle Stand 10 Ton Screw type axle stand with ball bearing thrust-race for smooth operation - even under load. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for supporting and positioning heavy loads. Capacity (ability to contain) : 10tonneminimum height: 46. p=88.56%

Sealey Magnetic Stand without Indicator Heavy-Duty Precision ground base with rotary magnetic (properties of magnet) control. Articulated arm with rotary lock. Maximum height: 370mmfootprint: 64 x 50 millimeter (mm). p=86.78%

Sealey Scissor Stand for Motorcycles 450kg Capacity Supplied (to your designated address) with non-slip platform cover for added load security. Scissor support stand appropriate for use either on a motor cycle lift or on the floor. p=85.47%

Sealey Manual Tyre Spreader with Floor Stand The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - rollers to rotate the tyre to the correct position and fully adjustable (capability of being adjusted) platform. Appropriate for most cars and light commercial vehicles. Height: 870mmbase.

Sealey Industrial Hydraulic Pipe Bender with Stand 9ton Tripod mounted pipe bender appropriate for bending pipes up to 180 (3 x 60 bends). Appropriate for bending din classified medium and heavy pipe. Two- speed hydraulic pump gives fast positioning of pipe in dies. p=92.31%

Sealey Universal Rear Wheel Stand with Rubber Supports Lifts and stabilises any dual (double) arm sports bike quickly and easily. Fitted with width and angle adjustable (capability of being adjusted) rubber support pads. Bobbin supports available as an optional. p=88.95%

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