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Sealey C-Clamp & Welding Clamp Set 3pc - UK - £27.49

Item Name : Sealey C-Clamp & Welding Clamp Set 3pc
Brand : Sealey

Item Details : Heat treated steel grips and jaws with bright nickel-plated finish. supplied in tool roll. locking c-clamp 2.

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Sealey C-Clamp & Welding Clamp Set 3pc

Store Name : Tooled Up

Price: 27.49

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Sealey Locking C-Clamp Set 3pc Knurled jaw adjustment screw with lever type release. Supplied (to your designated address) in tool roll. Length: 170. p=86.38%

Welding Earth Clamp 400 Amp Rugged. Strong spring jaws.

Hanson Locking Sheet Welding Clamp 225mm / 9&quot This clamp has a nickel-plated finish. Which resists rust and corrosion. The clamp features a traditional release leve.

Draper 2.5 Metre Welding Cable & 200amp Clamp with 35/50 Dinse Plug 2. 5m 16 millimeter (mm) welding cable with trailing dinse-type plug and 200a crocodile earth clamp fitted.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Grip On Welding Clamp Set (5 Pack) Manufactured (made) to clamp panels together allowing for safe. Ll clamp. J clamp and l clamp.

Draper Expert 1250mm Clamp & Cut Clamp Swivelling jaws make angle cutting easier. Anodized aluminium with tpr rubber hand grips with rapid (speedily) clamping action ideal (perfect of its kind) for assembly and gluing applications. The rubber ja. p=90.86%

Sealey Socket Retaining Rail Set 3pc 1/4&quot, 3/8&quot & 1/2&quotSq Drive Drill (In our listed range of hand tools, you can choose a variety of drills having a range of light weight and heavy weight drills) ed rails allow wall mounting or cabinet fixing. Contents: 1 each 1 4 ". 1 2 " sq drive rail with retaining clips. p=62.75%

Sealey Aluminium Wheel Impact Socket Set 3pc 17, 19 & 21mm 1/2&quotSq Drive Tempered and anodised for corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistance. Chrome (chromium-plated) molybdenum sockets. p=74.11%

Visegrip 9R Locking Welding Clamp 9In Holds parts in proper alignment - even with materials of different thickness. Capacity (ability to contain) 1. p=88.56%

Sealey Jockey Wheel & Clamp 42mm 200 millimeter (mm) steel wheel with solid (firm and hard) rubber tyre. Overall wheel size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 200 x 45mmminimum maximum height: 580 810mmmaximum loading capacity (ability to contain) : 150kg. p=73.82%

Sealey 3/8&quot Clamp Block for PFT07 3/8& & ; & ; & & ;quot; Cl & Block for PFT07.... p=59.84%

Sealey Exhaust & Hose Clamp Pliers Ideal (perfect of its kind) for citroen. Opens exhaust hose clamps quickly and easily. p=84.21%

Trend Clamp Guide System 24 Inch 257001 (Clamp Guide / Clamp Guide/Batten) An improved lock. Jigsaws and circular saws.

Trend Clamp Guide System 36 Inch 257002 (Clamp Guide / Clamp Guide/Batten) Comes with a narrower extrusion with an integral top t slot with the facility to accept metric scales in the extrusion. Jigsaws and circular saws.

Sealey Extension Bar Set 3pc 1/2&quotSq Drive Sprung ball socket retainers. Heat treated and chrome (chromium-plated) plated with mirror finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. p=68.09%

Sealey Extension Bar Set 3pc 1/4&quotSq Drive Heat treated and chrome (chromium-plated) plated with mirror finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Drive: 1 4 quotsqcontents: 100. 150. p=69.88%

Sealey Pull Clamp 100mm & Rotating Ring Description: 100 millimeter (mm) universal pull clamp rotating ringcapacity: 6tonne. Appropriate for use with bodyshop repair kits and chassis straighteners. p=88.52%

Facom Automotive Multimeter & Ammeter Clamp Set with Cover Set includes714 automotive multimeter711a. P500 clip on ammeter clamp714 automotive multimeter the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- auto caliber- continuity tester ohmmeter- diode testing- temperature measurement- angle cam.

Sealey 6 Piece Suction Clamp Set A great bodyshop time saving tool set. Decals. Badges.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF1 Welding Clamp 'jj' style welding clamp. For general purpose clamping of flanged. Lapped or adjacent joints.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF2 Welding Clamp 'w' style welding clamp. Great for single sided spot and mig welding.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF20 Welding Clamp 'c' style welding clamp. With 300 millimeter (mm) additional wide working width for working around awkward objects.

Sealey T-Bar & Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set 3pc Supplied (to your designated address) with 16 and 21mm chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium magnetic (properties of magnet) spark plug sockets with knurled rings. Comfort grip t- handle 3 8 quotsq drive wobble bar driver with satin finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. p=72.38%

Trend Clamp Guide System 12 Inch (Clamp Guide / Clamp Guide/Batten) New improved version of the highley successful clamp guide for use with routers. Comes with a narrower extrusion with an integral top t slot with the facility to accept metric scales in the extrusion. An improved lock.

Sealey Magnetic Quick Clamp Set 2pc Clamps incorporate angled edges for Accurate (exact and precise) alignment. 135 clamp 2 - angles: 30. 45. p=87.50%

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF2000 Micro Welding Clamp This micro (extremely minute or small) welding clamp works like any other. Yet it can be used in areas were regular sized clamps are not able to operate.

Sealey Heavy Duty Swivel Trailer Jack & Clamp 900kg Heavy-duty trailer jack with swivel mounting. Minimum height: 230mmmaximum height: 480mmmaximum loading capacity (ability to contain) : 900kg. p=90.98%

Sealey Sill Clamp Set 2-Position Extra Long The re92 29 clamps give an additional positional choice for the carriage anchorage tube and. They grip the sill tigh. p=94.37%

Sealey Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Set 4. Single stage gas regulators with two gauges to show bottle pressure and working pressure.

Bahco QCG Quick Clamp 150mm 125kg Clamp Force Shaped handle incorporating an easy (simple) access (the ability) release mechanism. Enabling improved access (the ability) into confined spaces.

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