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Clarke Clarke CHT136 36" T-Bar Sash Clamp Set - UK - £29.99

Item Name : Clarke Clarke CHT136 36" T-Bar Sash Clamp Set
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Item Details : heavy 't'-bar style construction and it is ideal for both the domestic and trade user. supplied in sets of two. this 36" cramp set represents exceptional value for money.

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Clarke Clarke CHT136 36" T-Bar Sash Clamp Set

Store Name : Machine Mart

Price: 29.99

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Clarke Clarke CHT137 72" Sash Clamp Set Heavy 't'-bar style construction and ideal (perfect of its kind) for both the domestic and trade user. Supplied (to your designated address) in sets of two.

Clarke Clarke ET115 V Block & Clamp Set An identical pair of 'v' blocks for precision engineering applications. Each supplied (to your designated address) with a steel screw clamp. Hardened and ground to a high degree of accuracy.

Clarke Clarke PRO 55 - 5 Pce 1/2" Drive Ext. Wobble Bar Set A set of five chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel. Knurled ring extension wobble bars that allow greater access (the ability) to difficult to reach fasteners.

Clarke Clarke PRO170 - 5pce ¼" Drive Ext. Wobble Bar Set Designed to be driven by & " ; ratchet. To extend the reach of & " ; drive sockets.

Clarke Clarke CHT334 2-Pce Clamp Set for CFB600 Bench A multi function clamp set ideally suited for use in conjunction with the clarke cfb 600 folding bench. Quick (fast) and easy (simple) to adjust. Mouldings and accessories (supplementary parts).

Clarke Clarke CHT390 - 12 Piece Clamp Set Installers. Diy and hobby users.

Clarke Clarke CHT117 Magnetic Weld Clamp Set A pair of powerful (having great power) triangular magnets designed to hold separate pieces of ferrous material in position at fixed angles of either 45 degrees or 90 degrees prior to and during welding

Clarke Clarke CHT272 4-Pce Heel Bar Set A set of 4 hardened steel heel bars for the Accurate (exact and precise) placing of heavy machines and components with the minimum of effort. Long high tensile (capability of being stretched) shafts each with one pointed and one heeled to enable fine positional adjustment under full control.

Clarke Clarke CHT119 - 4pce Pry Bar Set A most useful set of four general purpose leverage bars for all types of building. Off-set chisel shaped tips probe easily into narrow gaps.

Clarke Clarke PRO137 - 1/2" Drive Flexible Extension Bar A really useful device that reduces frustration makes it so much easier to tighten or loosen nuts. Bolts fasteners located in places that are otherwise difficult to reach or where access (the ability) is awkward.

Clarke Clarke CHT219 36" Bolt Cutter A heavy duty cutter with tubular handles and forged steel blades hardened and tempered with a matt black finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Five point compound leverage enables easy (simple) cutting through rod. Bolt and chain etc.

Trend Lambs Tongue Sash Bar Set (Tct Router Cutter Range / Sash Bar) The set is initially use d for scribing. A one piece set for producing a lambs tongue sash bar and scribe.

Clarke Clarke PRO77 1/2" Drive Breaker Bar This long slim bar with a secure holding swivel head provides both accessibility and leverage to deal with those really awkward nuts. Made from chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel with a superb high polish finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. This is yet another profe

Clarke Clarke PRO209 3/8" Drive Breaker Bar Heavy duty chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel breaker bar with a high chrome (chromium-plated) plated finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Great for use on additional tight nuts.

Clarke Clarke PRO136 - 3/8" Flexible Extension Bar Clarke& & ; & ;#39;s flexible extension bar is perfect for use in situations where nuts & & ; & ; & ; bolts need to be tightened or undone but access (the ability) is limited or restricted and a traditional solid (firm and hard) extension bar simply w

Clarke Clarke CHT149 41-Pce 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Socket Set This is one of the most popular socket sets for the home user. Careful selection of the pieces means that all the most common diy mechanical jobs on the car as well as general work around the garage workshop can be easily tackled.

Clarke Clarke PRO161 ½" drive Torx-Star Bit & Socket Set Each with a & " ; square drive for any & " ; square drive ratchet. T45. 'torx is the registered trademark for camcor textron inc.

Clarke Clarke PRO125 69 Piece 3/8" AF/Metric Socket & Spanner Set This professional tool set contains a comprehensive selection of 3 8& " ; drive chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium sockets. Combi wrenches. The lifetime guarantee (assurance) that accompanies the pro125 reflects its sheer quality.

Clarke Clarke PRO163 3/8" & 1/2" drive Ribe Bit Set And holders too. Are covered by clarkes lifetime tool guarantee (assurance) for that additional little bit of peace of mind.

Clarke Clarke CHT374 600mm Aluminium Sash Cramp A lightweight aluminium sash cramp with a Quick (fast) release lever for fast and easy (simple) use.

Clarke Clarke CIS9/32 32 Piece Heavy Duty 3/8" & 1/2" Impact Socket Set Metric/AF This heavy duty impact socket set the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - both 3/8& " ; and ½& " ; square drive sockets and is designed for daily use with air driven impact wrenches and ratchets.

Clarke Clarke CIS12/35 35 Piece 3/8" & ½" Impact Socket Set Metric/AF This popular mixed selection of specially hardened and treated pieces. Is strongly recommended for use with all impacting and power driven tools.

Clarke Clarke PRO153 - 27 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket & Socket Driver Set This supremely useful. Ratchet's handle is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip.

Clarke Clarke CHT660 24” Spreader Clamp Quick (fast) release trigger for fast adjustment. One handed operation.

Clarke Clarke CHT684 50” Clamp Guide Clamp onto workpiece and guide your power tool to create perfect straight edges and Accurate (exact and precise) cross cutting. Routing etc.

Clarke Clarke CHT708 25” Guide Clamp Simple to use. Routing etc.

Clarke Clarke PRO168 22 piece Ribe Bit Set with 3/8" and 1/2" Square drive Adaptors Ribe bit set with 3 8& " ; and & " ; square drive adaptors. 22pc - chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium ribe bit set with two shank lengths. All bits have a 10 millimeter (mm) hexagonal shank.

Clarke Clarke PRO30 9 Piece 3/8" Drive Metric Socket Set Top quality professional tools in highly polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel and carrying a lifetime guarantee (assurance) will inspire confidence. A real pleasure to use.

Clarke Clarke ½" Reversible Air Ratchet Set - CAT221B This versatile kit includes clarke's cat 22 & " ; drive air ratchet and is supplied (to your designated address) complete with 7 impact sockets. 3 screwdriver bits and 'u' joints and an extension bar. Download product manual.

Clarke Clarke CHT263 26 Piece 3/4" Drive Socket Set A mixed socket set that is particularly suited for use on larger automotive and agricultural equipment.

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