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Draper Expert 450mm Windscreen Removal Knife - UK - £16.95

Item Name : Draper Expert 450mm Windscreen Removal Knife
Brand : Draper

Item Details : Expert quality. manufactured from lightweight aluminium with integrated spare blade storage compartment. supplied with standard two notch t.

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Draper Expert 450mm Windscreen Removal Knife

Store Name : Tooled Up

Price: 16.95

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Product Matching Draper Expert 450mm Windscreen Removal Knife

Draper Expert 600mm Windscreen Removal Knife For use on vehicles with deep dashboard or where bonding is out of reach to normal length tools. Supplied (to your designated address) with standard (established by authority) two notch t.

Draper Bonded Windscreen Removal Tool The blade cuts the adhesive (glue or paste used for sticking and holding materials) caulking compound around the windscreen using the specially hardened carbon steel blade. Body length 163mm. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with 25 millimeter (mm) blade. p=76.96%

Sealey Windscreen Removal Tool Kit Handle s include hanging eyes for storage. Comprises: item: illustration no:cutting wire 1wire h.

Sealey Bonded Windscreen Removal Tool Two handed operation permits tool to be accurately guided whilst cutting through bond. Specially shaped blade is appropriate for cutting through bonding resin use d to fix modern windscreens. p=95.36%

Sealey Standard Windscreen Removal Tool Supplied (to your designated address) with blade and accepts both regular urethane blades and flat scraper blades. Wk02002 (pack of 3). Wk02003 (pack of 3)fl. p=90.48%

Sealey Windscreen Removal Tool Stubby Designed for use on vehicles where the top line of the bonnet hinders access (the ability) for regular size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) urethane knives. Vinyl (polyvinyl - plastic or synthetic resin) covered handle and grip for additional comfort. Supplied (to your designated add p=76.51%

Sealey Windscreen Removal Tool Blade 18Mm Pack of 3 Wk021 and wk022 urethane cutting tools. And appropriate for use in sealey ak420. p=88.62%

Sealey Windscreen Removal Tool Blade 25Mm Pack of 3 Often referred to as a cold knife blade. Wk020. Hardened then honed blade allows fast separation of screen from bond and can be re-sharpened.

Sealey Quick Release Windscreen Removal Tool Kit Specially shaped blade is appropriate for cutting through bonding resin use d to fix modern windscreens. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - push-button for fast blade changes and cutting depth adjustment. Knurled handle with heavy-duty. p=81.11%

Draper Expert 12 Piece Trim Removal Kit Dashboard fascias. Trim strips and other similar applications in the automotive. Comprises 12 special non-marking nylon.

Draper Expert 18 Piece Car Radio Removal Kit Selection of keys to allow the removal of car radios by garages. Contain ed in plastic wallet for security. Contents: 149 nbsp nbsp nbsppair of cyl.

Draper Expert 46 Piece Radio Removal Key Set Can also be use d with most sat nav and dvd screens. For the efficient removal of console and dashboard radio cd mp3 and dvd players.

Draper Expert Oil Seal Removal & Installation Kit Comprises of 19 popular-sized adaptors and compatible seal puller. Packed in blow mould case with displ.

Draper Expert 1/2&quot Square Drive Track Rod Removal Tool (inner) and 27mm hex. (outer). Handle knurled for additional grip.

Draper Expert 20 x 450mm SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bit Industrial standard (established by authority) high performance drill (In our listed range of hand tools, we have drills which are powered by lithium-ion battery and comes with charger) bits with tungsten carbide (compound of carbon) tip. Expert (proficient) quality. p=52.17%

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Glass Removal Knife This glass removal knife is used for the safe and easy (simple) removal of windscreens and glass from vehicles attached by adhesives.

Draper Expert Retractable Trimming Knife + 5 Blades Translucent body with safety locking mechanism and belt clip. Supplied (to your designated address) with five two notch blades in dispenser.

Draper Windscreen Cover Large Protects vehicle windscreen. Washable polypropylene with fastening straps to wheel or wheel arch.

Expert 46Cc 450mm Petrol Chainsaw With Oregon Chain And Bar & " ; Expert (proficient) 46CC 450 millimeter (mm) PETROL CHAINSAW WITH OREGON® CHAIN AND BAR & " ;

Draper Silicone Sealant Removal Tool Designed to remove old silicone from around baths. Showers or worktops. Pull and scrape motion.

Draper Door Trim Panel Removal Tool For break-free door panel clip removal....

Draper Window Winder Clip Removal Tool Can also be use d on other vehicles with similar configurations. For the removal and installation of the spring clips use d on window winder handle s fitted on gm (vauxhall opel) models.

Sealey 12 Piece Airbag Removal Tool Set Plus FREE Trim Removal Tool Set Worth £15.95 Appropriate for the fast and safe removal of steering wheel airbags. Mercedes.

Draper 3 Piece Silicone Sealant Removal & Smoothing Kit One smoothing and two removal tools for silicone sealant. The removal tools are double (twin) ended with both corner and flat stainless steel blades. Push or pull removal into corners is catered for.

Draper 2 X 450mm Tyre Levers Pair of tyre levers hot forged from en8 steel hardened. Carded pair of 2.

Draper 450mm Adjustable Pipe Wrench A traditional pattern wrench forged from chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel hardened and tempered. The top jaw has been sand blasted and lacquered for corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) protection and have faces serrated in opposite directions to ensure a secure grip. p=90.37%

Draper 450mm Black Adjustable Spanner Jaws offset at 22 176. The 150.

Draper 450mm X 16mm Wrecking Bar Case opening. Etc. Forged high grain steel with chisel end and swan neck.

Draper 450mm Rubber Floor Squeegee Handle sold separately - 28mm draper stock no. 43787.

Draper 450mm Soft Coco Broom Head 43786 or 28mm draper stock no. Option of additional support through use of broom bracket - draper stock no. p=90.41%

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