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Draper Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter For Single Strand & Ribbon Cable - UK - £9.95

Item Name : Draper Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter For Single Strand & Ribbon Cable
Brand : Draper

Item Details : wire stripper and cable cutter hardened and tempered sk5 steel. strips and cuts single stranded cable from 0. 2 - 6mm diameter .

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Draper Automatic Wire Stripper & Cutter For Single Strand & Ribbon Cable

Store Name : Tooled Up

Price: 9.95

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2 in 1 Wire & Cable Cutter & Stripper 125mm A great 'two-in-one' tool designed to not only cut electrical control cables and soft copper wire. This handy tool cuts at one end and then automaticaly adjusts to the wire size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and strips the insulation at the other.

CK Jokari Round Cable & Wire Stripper Pre-set inner insulation stripping blades provided for 0. 2. Titaniu.

Draper 3 In 1 Automatic Wire Stripper / Crimper Alloy steel jaws hardened and tempered. 0 millimeter (mm) sup2 10-26awg. p=86.57%

Facom Crimping Pliers for Insulated Terminals with Integral Wire Cutter & Stripper The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- crimping for pre-insulated terminals: 1. 5-2. 5-6 millimeter (mm) - stripping: 0.

Draper 1mm - 3.2mm Diameter Automatic Wire Stripper Automatic clamping action and length gauge facility ensure stripped ends are uniform. 6.

Clarke Clarke PRO215 Wire Stripper, Cutter & Crimper A heavy duty. Micro (extremely minute or small) adjustable (capability of being adjusted) knob to strip (remove) very small wire.

CK Automatic Wire Stripper 0.2 - 6mm Strips wire in a fraction of the time of traditional tools. Featuring hardened steel blades for a longer life the wire strippers are also equipped with a micro (extremely minute or small) adjustment kn.

Facom Automatic Wire Stripper Max 4mm Diameter Self setting to wire gauge. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- automatically cuts and strips- appropriate for single or multicore cable. p=70.10%

CK Jokari Coaxial Cable Stripper 4.8 & 7.5mm Precise (exact) and damage free stripping of all common coaxial cables. G. Rg 58 59 as well as pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) -round-cables of 3 x 0.

Clarke Clarke CHT181 Automatic Wire Stripper For professional electricians performing repetitive wire terminations. A fast effective tool for controlled stripping.

CK Jokari Single Core Auto Wire Stripper 0.2 - Repetitive stripping. Automatic cable size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) adjustment. Stripping length scal.

Ideal Yellow 77 Wire & Cable Pulling Lubricant 950ml Wax-based formula provides superior lubrication and clings to cable throughout long pulls. Nylon. Polyethylene and hypalon.

Draper 3/8&quot & 5/16&quot Spot Weld Cutter Set Shank size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 7mm. Contents: 1 x 3 8 " and 1 x 5 16 ". p=65.22%

Felco Two Handed Wire Cutter Cuts Up to 9mm Cable or 4mm Wire Light and easily handle e d. Unbreakable forged aluminium alloy handle. p=96.55%

Felco Wire Cutter Cuts Up to 7mm Cable or 2.5mm Wire Reco millimeter (mm) ended for cutting hardened spring steel wire up to 2. ) and cables up to 7 millimeter (mm) (0. Its quality and long life make it particularly appropriate for manufacturing and. p=86.33%

2233D Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter/ Stripper 160mm Cut capacity (ability to contain) copper area: 50 millimeter (mm) -. Cut capacity (ability to contain) aluminium area: 35 millimeter (mm) -. Length: 160mm.

2233D Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter / Stripper 200mm & " ; heavy-duty cable cutters strippers for cutting copper and aluminium cables. Drop forged. & " ;.

Letter & Number Automatic Letter & NumberPunch Set (38pce) No need for a hammer with this handy set - simply place the number or letter in the automatic punch tool and stamp onto the workpiece.

Black & Decker X36004 Wizard Wire Wheel & Brush A pack of 3 wire wheels and pencil brushes for the wizard corded rotary tool....

Black & Decker DS303XJ 3 in 1 Cable & Stud Detector Metal & ac live wire detector offers the use r peace of mind before drill (For spare parts and accessories please browse the category section or use the search form) ing nbspaccurately finds centre of wooden stud first time ensuring items to be hung are weight ed evenly nbspautomatic p=80.47%

Draper 150mm Insulated Wire Stripper 000v for safe 1000v ac or 1500v dc live line working. Expert (proficient) quality. p=90.20%

Draper DIY Wire Stripper 125mm Spring-loaded with locking catch. Capacity (ability to contain) 0.

Bahco Tool Box with Single Catch Black & Orange 390mm / 15&quot The bahco ptb201 series toolboxes are made from quality composite virgin polypropylene (pp plus) which is impact resistant with effective shock absorption and gives a higher resistance to low temperatures and chemicals. The rounded corners help in.

Draper 150mm Spring Loaded Wire Stripper 2. 4.

Draper DIY Slotted Screwdriver / Wire Stripper Plain slot screwdriver incorporating a wire stripping facility in handle....

Black & Decker Black and Decker KX2000K 2000W Heat Gun & Paint Stripper A multi purpose gun with variable heat control for a greater variety of applications. Paint stripping is its obvious use but it rsquo;s low minimum setting (50 c) means that it can be used for drying.

Draper Expert 150mm VDE Insulated Slimline Wire Stripper Lacquer (a protective coating is applied which consist of a resin or cellulose ester and is then dissolved into a volatile solvent. In some cases pigment is also added to the dissolved solvent). Expert (proficient) quality. p=19.12%

42 Strand White Speaker Cable 100m Copper stranded conductor. Copper screen. 41kg model no: 19806r 1 year manufacturer's guarantee (assurance) ideal (perfect of its kind) for stereo equipment home cinema 100m reel sheathed 3. p=87.74%

Speaker Cable 2 x 13-Strand White 50m Pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) sheath. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : ideal (perfect of its kind) for stereo equipment home cinema; sheathed. 2 millimeter (mm).

6491B 10mm 2 Strand 100m Cable - Green/Yellow Green and yellow lsoh insulation. Har approved low smoke fumebs72111 year manufacturer's guarantee conductor area: 10mm100m reelinsulated11. 100hugb. p=97.76%

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