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Clarke Clarke TL-3 3.81m Aluminium Telescopic Ladder - UK - £119.98

Item Name : Clarke Clarke TL-3 3.81m Aluminium Telescopic Ladder
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Item Details : Ideal for surveyors. diy. made from aluminium providing a durable rust resistant surface.

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Clarke Clarke TL-3 3.81m Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

Store Name : Machine Mart

Price: 119.98

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Clarke Clarke TL-2 3.21m Aluminium Telescopic Ladder Diy. Fits in the boot of a car. Smooth operation.

Clarke Clarke FPL3 10-in-1 Multi Function Aluminium Ladder This four section. Folding ladder can easily quickly be configured ten ways including straight ladder. Work platform plus many more.

Clarke Clarke RWLT36 Rechargeable LED Telescopic Worklight & Torch Ideal (perfect of its kind) for diy jobs. Works as a standard (established by authority) torch.

Clarke Clarke CHT633 Telescopic Window Cleaner & Mop Ideal (perfect of its kind) for windows. Windscreens conservatories etc.

Clarke Clarke CHT649 Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up & Inspection Mirror Set A 57mm diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - mirror with flexible head for close inspection work good visibility in hard to reach areas. The pick up tool is great for retrieving small ferrous objects which may have been lost in confined spaces.

Clarke Clarke CHT631 Telescopic Wash Brush and Squeegee For general purpose cleaning on cars. Caravans.

Clarke Clarke CHT428 Telescopic Inspection Mirror Get a clearer view with this pocket sized examination tool.

Clarke Clarke Telescopic Lance (Brass) For use with the clarke ksp16 and ksp20 back pack sprayers. Perfect for hard to reach areas.

Clarke Clarke CHT661 Ladder Straps (Pair) Keep ladders safely securely strapped to roof racks. Scaffolding. Buildings etc.

Clarke Clarke FWP-1 2 Tread Step Ladder Practical. Double (twin) -sided folding step ladder with wide anti-slip aluminium treads. The non-slip rubber feet provide additional safety whilst climbing along with the securing braces.

Clarke Clarke FSL2 2 Tread Step Ladder Slip resistant treads this step ladder provides safe access (the ability) to shelving. Cupboards etc preventing overstretching.

Clarke Clarke FSL3 3 Tread Step Ladder With large. Slip resistant treads this step ladder provides safe access (the ability) to shelving. Cupboards etc preventing overstretching.

Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 2.21m Folds for easy (simple) storage and transportation. Static vertical load 150kg splayed legs with slip-resistant feet certified to bs en 131. Static vertical load 150kg splayed legs with slip-resistant feetcertified to bs en 131 max. p=96.96%

Clarke Clarke 20kg 60-80 Grit Aluminium Oxide Powder Clarke aluminium oxide powder blasts deep to remove rust. Paint corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) and limescale. Concrete and other masonry.

Clarke Clarke 7.5kg 60/80 Grit Aluminium Oxide Powder It is also appropriate as a graffiti remover. It is ideal (perfect of its kind) for paint removal. Etching and surface preparation.

Clarke Clarke AR4 - 48" Folding Aluminium Access Ramp The ar4 ramp provides an excellent additional wide access (the ability) solution for use in many different locations. ). For access (the ability) to storage areas or for use when loading commercial appliance carriers.

Clarke Clarke AR5 - 60" Folding Aluminium Access Ramp Safe secure. It can be used for handling heavy mobile equipment; for example.

Clarke Clarke AR6 - 69" Folding Aluminium Access Ramp Into the back of vans commercial vehicles. Use also for access (the ability) to buildings storage areas.

Clarke Clarke CTJ1250A - 1¼ Tonne Aluminium Trolley Jack High quality aluminium trolley jack. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for sports and race cars. It's clear why this is one of our best selling trolley jacks.

Clarke Clarke CAHD1- Heavy Duty Aluminium Sack Truck Lightweight sack truck developed for tough daily use

Clarke Clarke CHT732 6 LED Aluminium Torch with Magnetic Pickup A bright LED torch with a strong telescopic pick up arm allowing parts to be located and retrieved from hard to reach places with ease.

Clarke Clarke CSTF6 Heavy Duty Aluminium Flat Folding Sack Truck - 200kg Making it ideal (perfect of its kind) for use in a store. The foldaway foam handles are great for maximum comfort when carrying heavy loads and the massive wheels ease movement across difficult ground.

Clarke Clarke Aluminium Welding Wire 0.8mm 0.3kg The clarke aluminium welding wire from machine mart is manufactured (made) to the highest quality to offer maximum performance when welding. It is ideal (perfect of its kind) for aluminium repair work and fabrication.

Clarke Clarke CHT374 600mm Aluminium Sash Cramp A lightweight aluminium sash cramp with a Quick (fast) release lever for fast and easy (simple) use.

Clarke Clarke ATC400 Pro Aluminium Storage Case Ideal (perfect of its kind) for safe transport of tools and equipment for photography. Computers etc.

Clarke Clarke CTJ2500QLG 2.5 Tonne Aluminium Garage Jack 5 tonnes in weight. The ctj2500qlg is super strong and the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a twin (double) piston pump for Quick (fast) lifts and a simple to use.

Clarke Clarke CTJ2000A 2 Tonne Aluminium Trolley Jack The ctj2000a 2 tonne aluminium trolley jack is a great quality jack benefiting from a low saddle and frame. Without sacrificing stability.

Clarke Clarke CSTF5B Aluminium Folding Sack Truck Weighs only 4. Simply push the release button to release the truck from it's folded position. Garage the home or in the boot of a car.

Clarke Clarke CAX2TA Aluminium Axle Stands A stylish pair of aluminium axle stands which fit in alongside the lsquo;clarke racing rsquo; range (scope and variation). Quick (fast) easy (simple) height adjustment.

Clarke Clarke 4-in-1 Scaffold Ladder A really versatile. The perfect access (the ability) solution for decorating. Plastering.

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