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ALM Chainsaw Safety Leggings - UK - £110.95

Item Name : ALM Chainsaw Safety Leggings
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Item Details : The alm ch016 universal chainsaw safety chaps have adjustable safety straps for one size fits all. this personal protective equipment conforms to all eu standards for domestic use and exceeds the following safety standards:en381-5.

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ALM Chainsaw Safety Leggings

Store Name : Tooled Up

Price: 110.95

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Product Matching ALM Chainsaw Safety Leggings

ALM Chainsaw Safety Helmet Ear defenders en352. For use with all electric and petrol chainsaws.

CH016 Chainsaw Leggings & " ; adjustable (capability of being adjusted) chainsaw safety chaps. One size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) fits all. & " ;.

Oregon Oregon Type A Chainsaw Protective Leggings An essential accessory for all chainsaw users. These one size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) leggings will protect you and your clothing.

ALM Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Chainsaw sharpener appropriate for all small Electric and petrol chainsaws fitted with 5 32 8221; chain. E. Black & decker. p=88.97%

Oregon Oregon Type 'C' Chainsaw Protective Leggings One size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) leggings with strong elasticated and adjustable (capability of being adjusted) waist belt with clip fastening for a universal fit.

ALM Replacement Chainsaw Chain 3/8&quot x 45 Links Fits Bosch 30cm Chainsaws 043in guidebar slot 0. 375 millimeter (mm) low profile (l p) 1. 1 millimeter (mm) guidebar slotto suitable (appropriate) saws with a 30 cm (12in) bar and chain with 45 drive linksbosch ake30. p=84.97%

ALM Replacement Chainsaw Lo-Kick Chain 3/8&quot x 44 Links for 30cm Chainsaws Replacement Chain...

ALM Replacement Chainsaw Lo-Kick Chain 3/8&quot x 45 Links for 30cm Chainsaws ALM Replacement Chainsaw Lo-Kick Chain 3/8& & ; & ; & & ;quot; x 45 Links for 30cm Chainsaws, 402997 p=80.54%

ALM Manufacturing CH064 Replacement Chainsaw Chain Fits Saws with a 40cm Bar and 64 Drive Links The almch064 chainsaw chain has a 3 8 inch low profile (l p). 1 millimeter (mm) guidebar slot. This chain is.

ALM Trimmer Safety Kit Ear defenders and one pair of non-slip gloves. For use with all electric and petrol trimmers. Visor to en1731f.

CH011 Chainsaw Safety Helmet 1997 visor en1731f. Ansi z87. Ansi s3.

CH015 Chainsaw Safety Gloves Chainsaw protective gloves specially constructed for use with all electric and petrol chainsaws. Conform to en388-7 16m s.

Dickies Mens Weatherproof Westfield Leggings Green One Size Fits All The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s : - Weatherproof adjustable (capability of being adjusted) stud leggings- Four brass studs to external seams- Nylon taped edges- Brass stud fastened nylon web loop to fix leggings over tro use r beltsFabric / Mate p=80.14%

Oregon Oregon Pro Chainsaw Safety Helmet - air flow control trade; technology for optimum and consistent noise attenuation and enhanced communication. Comfortable ear cushions.

Lifting & Crane Lifting and Crane CSSS Chainsaw Safety Strap A particularly useful piece of equipment for use in conjunction with a tree surgeons safety harness. This 1000kg (kilogram) minimum breaking strain webbing strap allows a chainsaw to be safely suspended leaving the operator with both hands free.

Bosch Hover Mower Safety Cutter Blades Pack of 24 For Bosch Alm 30 / Qualcast Easy-Lite 30 & Hover Safe 30 Mower Safety Cutter Blades for Bosch Alm 30/ Qualcast easy (simple) -lite 30 & & ; & ; Hover Safe 30... p=83.02%

ALM Leg Protectors This equipment provides a padded knee area and protection for lower leg from flying debris. For example when using trimmers and brush cutters.

ALM Rotary Lawnmower Blade Sharpener Rotary lawnmower blade sharpener. Easily fitted to any electric drill (In our listed range of hand tools, you can select from hammer, press, air, percussion and power drills which suits your requirement) and appropriate for all types of hover and rotary steel blades. Double (twin) sided. p=65.19%

ALM Cylinder Lawnmower Blade Sharpener And petrol lawnmower cylinders. Sharpens electric.

ALM Universal Trimmer Shoulder Strap Fits most electric and petrol trimmers. Not for chainsaw use.

ALM Aluminium Lap Strips for Green Houses Particularly use ful for odd pane thicknesses and wooden greenho use s. Flat aluminium strips to bend to shape for glazing repairs.

ALM One Shot 2 Stroke Oil 100ml Bottle Brushcutters. Chainsaws.

ALM 2 Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle 1 Litre Mx002 fuel mixing bottle is a one litre premium fuel mixing bottle. Simplifying the process of mixing petrol and oil to the exact ratio required.

ALM Sliding Door Wheel Kit for Green Houses The door can be re- drill (In our listed range of hand tools, you can choose a variety of drills having a range of light weight and heavy weight drills) ed and the wheels re-positioned if existing wheels are different size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) s. 28mm diameter (width of a p=52.81%

ALM Manufacturing J17LM Spark Plug Fits Most Lawnmowers Supercedes plug no s j8. Cj8.

ALM Trimmer Line 1.3mm x 30 Metre for Grass Trimmers 30 metres. White fits all light weight electric s.

ALM Trimmer Line 1.6mm x 30 Metre for Grass Trimmers Blue fits all makes medium duty electric s & light petrol using 1. 5 millimeter (mm) (trimac 210 etc). p=87.80%

ALM Trimmer Line 2.0mm x 20 Metre for Grass Trimmers 0 millimeter (mm). Green fits all makes light weight petrol (16-25cc). p=82.96%

ALM Trimmer Line 2.4mm x 20 Metre for Grass Trimmers 2. 4 millimeter (mm). 20 metres. p=66.67%

ALM Manufacturing GH009 Shading and Insulation Fixers Pack of 20 Slots into the glazing bar and acts as a spacer between the glass and the shading. The hole is used for tying. Appropriate for use in most aluminium greenhouses.

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