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Sealey Welding Headshield Deluxe Bsen175. Bsen169 - deluxe headshield supplied (to your designated address) with a shade 10 lens. Accepts standard (established by authority) 4-1 4 " x 3-1 4 " lenses. p=76.62%

Sealey Welding Mask Hand-held Deluxe Accepts standard (established by authority) 4-1 4 " x 3-1 4 " lenses. Bsen175. p=72.61%

Sealey Workshop Welding Curtain to BSEN1598 & Frame 1.3 x 1.9mtr Appropriate for use in workshops where the glare from welding and cutting may be a hazard to others. Supplied (to your designated address) with two feet. Assembles with ease. p=85.80%

Draper Expert Solar Powered Auto Varioshade Welding & Grinding Helmet Sandstorm Camouflage finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - helmet with solar powered automatic shading facilities when arc is struck. High impact polymide nylon for maximum protection. C.

SP25L Soldering Iron 25 Watt 240 Volt All Purpose Soldering Iron for general Electrical Repairs in the Home and Hobby Workshops. VOLT: 230 watt (SI unit of power) - : 25

Soldering Iron 80 Watt 240 Volt & " ; lightweight soldering iron with heat resistant handle. Jewellery and models or for repair work on electrical items. Fitted with 13amp plug.

2012 Soldering Iron with Plug 12 Watt 240 Volt 65 millimeter (mm) nickel plated tip and iron rest. All connections are mechanically and electrically secure. Spec: 12 watt (SI unit of power) - ( 240v (volts) ac).

SGKP Soldering Gun And Iron Kit 30 Watt 240 Volt Brass and copper. 1 x soldering iron 30 watt (SI unit of power) - 240 volt. Built in safety working indicator (directing device) light.

Soldering Drip Mat 240 x 240mm 240 x 240mm. Fibreglass material fibreglass material. Resists temperatures up to 550c.

Monument Monument Heat Resistant Soldering & Brazing Pad This heat resistant mat is designed to protect work surfaces and surrounding areas from potential heat damage when soldering or brazing. Professional quality pad is manufactured (made) from woven glass fibre fabric; this doesn't present any of the dangers t

Sealey Professional Soldering Iron with Long Life Tip 15 / 30W 240v Ergonomic ( design (made) ed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) handle design (made) with comfortable grip. Fitted with high quality long life tip appropriate for lead free soldering a.

Weller Weller Battery Powered Soldering Iron This compact (small in size) soldering iron heats up fast as the heating element is in the tip. It is powered by three aa batteries (included) and comes complete with lead-free solder.

SI40W Soldering Iron 40 Watt 240 Volt And a metal holder is supplied (to your designated address) to keep the hot iron safely at rest when not in use. The si40w is a 40 watt (SI unit of power) - iron ideal (perfect of its kind) for fine soldering and hobby work on circuit boards. Fitted with 13amp plug.

Weller Piezo Gas Soldering Iron Set The 3 function soldering iron allows the tool to be used for soldering. Hot air and open flame with an operating time of 30 minutes. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - piezo elec.

Helping Hand Magnifyer with LED Lights & Soldering Stand A useful aid for soldering jobs and inspection work. Can also be used when model making. With movable arms and adjustable (capability of being adjusted) crocodile holding clamps allowing for hands free use.

Rothenberger Supermat Soldering Pad 200 x 300mm 200 x 300 millimeter (mm). Protects work areas up to 1260c. Resists up to 1260c.

Draper Anti Spatter Welding Spray 400ml Prevents spatter adhesion on welding equipment. Jigs. Prolongs tip and shroud life.

Speedglas 3M Welding Head Shield Auto-darkening filter and safety helmet. Large or normal viewing area. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : co reduction side windows option; heat reflecting silver front.

Steinel Welding Nozzle For Hg4000E Use: welding with plastic welding rod. Can be use d in conjunction with 092313 the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - s : pushes onto 10 millimeter (mm) round nozzle. p=77.61%

Power-Tec Power-Tec - Pack Of Four Micro Welding Clamps Able to fit in confined areas to provide a strong hold for welding in hard to reach places where other clamps wouldn't fit. Designed for single hand operation to allow your free hand to hold the panels together ensuring an Accurate (exact and precise) weld.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - GF5 Welding Clamp 'l' welding clamp. With 0- 18 millimeter (mm) adjustment.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - GF9 Welding Clamp Ideal (perfect of its kind) for all general bodywork. This 'u' welding clamp from power-tec has deep jaws for maximum access (the ability) to the work area.

Clarke TIG Welding Torch Assembly for Clarke AT131 Includes torch hose. Requires gas regulator for at models (sold separately-010124140).

9200UD Soldering Gun 100 Watt 240 Volt & " ; black universal soldering gun with high efficiency copper soldering tip. Pistol grip with instant heat fingertip trigger switch. & " ;.

SI120D Marksman Soldering Iron 120 Watt 240 Volt Supplied (to your designated address) with 3 pin plug and conforms to european standards. Spec. 120 watt (SI unit of power) -.

Facom 1230.40 230V Soldering Iron 40 Watt You will need a compatible adaptor for uk use. Compatible adaptor available here.

Clarke Clarke WB1 Welding Blanket This large area blanket is ideal (perfect of its kind) for protecting adjacent surfaces or delicate materials from the adverse affects of radiated heat and sparks.

Clarke Clarke CWH6 Arc Activated Welding Headshield The cwh6 provides a clear view when not welding but instantly changes to provide the required amount of shade or filter when arc is struck. Please note (additional information) this headshield is not appropriate for gas welding.

Welding Apron 100 split cowhide leather with kevlar stitching. With adjustable (capability of being adjusted) straps and Quick (fast) -release buckle for a secure fit. One size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) fits all.

Clarke Clarke CHT103 Welding Clamps Mixed Set Three different configurations to deal with most common situations. Use additional sets for larger structures.

Flip Up Welding Helmet with DIN 11 Lens Its flip up lens is manufactured (made) to din 11 standards for excellent protection. The welding helmet has an adjustable (capability of being adjusted) ratchet harness. & " ;.

Draper Lightweight Welding Nozzle No 2 For oxy acetylene welding or brazing. Copper swaged style nozzle.

Draper Flint Gun for Welding or Brazing For the lighting of oxy acetylene for welding or brazing....

Sealey Welding Electrodes 4mm 5.0kg Pack Electrode : 4. 0kg.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - Welding Rods Pack of 20 welding rods to be used with the Power-Tec PRS20 Plastic repair system.

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