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Power-Tec Power-Tec - Slide Hammer For Spot Welding Part of the power-tec panel medic repair kit (sold separately). This 1.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF2000 Micro Welding Clamp This micro (extremely minute or small) welding clamp works like any other. Yet it can be used in areas were regular sized clamps are not able to operate.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - GF3 Welding Clamp 'll' style clamp for use when fixing side and quarter panels and sills. Bonnets.

Price Cuts Weller WPS18MPUK High Performance 18W Soldering Iron 9V The weller wps18mp high performance soldering iron heats up and recovers three times faster than a standard (established by authority) home hobbyist soldering iron. The 18 watt (SI unit of power) - iron heats from room temperature to 480 deg c in just 35 seconds and delivers performance equival

Weller Weller WHS40 Professional Soldering Iron An advanced soldering gun system for the professional user featuring analogue temperature control for selective and reliable performance. Helping to avoid the risk of heat spikes and sinks.

Draper Expert Solar Powered Auto Varioshade Welding & Grinding Helmet Red Carbon Adjustable (capability of being adjusted) shading from din 9-13. 0004 sec.

Clarke Clarke WCC1 Replacement Welding Screen Replacement welding screen for use with clarke wsc1 welding screen frame. Includes cable ties for attaching.

Bosch Welding Rod - Hard Pvc - Transparent The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- plastic welding rod- hard pvc (Polyvinyl chloride). 0diameter mm4weight g100. 0.

Rothenberger Plumber's Soldering Mat Asbestos-free. Protects all surrounding surfaces from drips of solder when soldering up to 750c.

Scan Cobra Automatic Tint Welding Visor Made from engineering grade nylon 66 and featuring an auto-darkening lens. Designed also for use with standard (established by authority) 90mm x 110mm fixed shade filter. - use r adjustment multi-shade 9-13 auto darkening lens s. p=90.99%

Sealey Butane Gas Pistol Heating / Soldering Torch Portable (easily carried) and light weight torch with piezo electric start. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - adjustable (capability of being adjusted) heating control ranging from 200-450 c (approximately). Removable solder tip transforms torch into p=76.24%

Sealey ClearVision Welding Helmet Solar Powered Shade 9 to 13 Fitted with solar power panel - no batteries required. High quality variable shade 9-13 lens manufactured (made) and tested to bsen379. p=95.17%

Sealey Deluxe Gas Welding Goggles Ventilated Shade 5 deluxe welding lens with indirect ventilation in goggle frame. Appropriate for gas welding. Conforms to en175 en169. p=94.02%

Sealey Gas Welding Goggles with Flip-Up Lenses Bsen175. Bsen169 - clear polycarbonate safety lenses with shade 5 flip-up lenses. Indirect ventilation in goggle frame.

Sealey Hand Held Welding Mask Standard (established by authority) economy composite mask with shade 12 lens.... p=77.37%

Sealey Leather Welding Apron Height: 900mmwidth: 600mm. Comfortable leather welding apron with ties.

Sold by 2 Stores

Sealey Leather Welding Gauntlets Lined Pair Bsen388. Bsen407 - gauntlets offer superior protection from spatter.

Sealey Micro Butane Soldering/Heating Torch High capacity (ability to contain) burner head with push-button piezo electric ignition. 1750 c adjustable (capability of being adjusted) burner flame size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) gives wide application possibilities. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for occasional plumbing tasks p=77.49%

Sealey Oxyacetylene Welding/Cutting Torch Comprises cutting torch. Welding torch. 2.

Sealey Pack of ABS Plastic Welding Rods Appropriate for hs102 and hs102k hot air guns. Description: plastic welding rods. p=90.68%

Sealey Soldering Gun/Iron Kit 8pc 240V A third hand support. Solder-sucker. Scraper probe.

Sealey Soldering Iron 40W/12V Supplied (to your designated address) with replaceable (can be replaced) soldering tips- chisel and pointed. Power rating: 40w (watt). p=75.11%

Sealey Spot Welding Arms 120mm Interior Professionals We recommend the use of an electrode sharpener to retain the optimum tip configuration and performa. A comprehensive range (scope and variation) of heavy-duty spot welding arms appropriate for sealey and other leading brands of welder. p=90.11%

Sealey Spot Welding Arms 120mm Pincer Electrode Sealey Spot Welding Arms 120 millimeter (mm) Pincer Electrode, 79755 p=85.71%

Sealey Spot Welding Arms 350mm Curved Electrode Holder Sets include electrodes and cotter-pins. We recommend the use of an electrode sharpener to retain the optimum tip configuration and performa.

Sealey Spot Welding Electrode Sharpener Recommended for all portable (easily carried) spot welders. Keeps tips to optimum profile for maximum weld penetration. p=91.48%

Sealey Spot Welding Nozzle TB25 Single Single spot welding nozzle appropriate for use with powermig 2750 3500 - compatible with tb25 torches. Description: spot welding nozzlepack qty: 1pc. p=93.77%

Sealey Stud Welding Nozzle TB14 & TB15 Single Electromig. Description: stud welding nozzlepack qty: 1pc.

Sealey Stud Welding Self-Thread Rivet 5 x 18Mm Pack of 100 Sealey Stud Welding Self-Thread Rivet 5 x 18 millimeter (mm) Pack of 100, 360575 p=86.67%

Sealey TIG Welding Gloves Pair Bsen407 - quality goat skin tig welding leather gauntlets with 160mm split cow leather cuff. 330 millimeter (mm) length. p=92.98%

Sealey Welding Blanket 1800mm x 1300mm 1. 20 and uk building regulations class 0. size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 1800 x 1300mm. p=74.16%

Sealey Welding Bottle Trolley Light weight tubular steel frame with large diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - wheels for easy (simple) transport of large cylinders. Accepts cylinders of up to 300 millimeter (mm). p=78.13%

Sealey Welding Bottle Trolley Portable Light weight steel frame with two-position adjustable (capability of being adjusted) handle. Also has torch stowage the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows -. p=63.43%

Sealey Welding Bottle Trolley with Pneumatic Tyres Additional large diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - wheels. Accepts cylinders of up to 300 millimeter (mm). p=62.89%

Sealey Welding Headshield 2&quot x 4-1/4&quot Shade 10 Lens Bsen175. Comfortable headband with non-slip Quick (fast) release mechanism. p=92.41%

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