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Faithfull Soldering Iron 25W Light weight soldering iron with heat resistant handle. Appropriate for soft soldering metal alloys. Brass and copper. p=90.76%

Flip-up Gas Welding Goggles Box type indirect vent goggle with glass lens and pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) housing.

Fluxite Tin Soldering Paste 100Grm An effective and reliable flux paste which simplifies soldering and lead jointing. Complies with water research council requirements. Ukwbf listed and.

Clarke Clarke CGW1 Gas Welding/Cutting Kit For professional welding. Soldering and brazing this industrial duty oxygen acetylene gas kit contains all the necessary components apart from the two bottles of gas. Download product manual.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF20 Welding Clamp 'c' style welding clamp. With 300 millimeter (mm) additional wide working width for working around awkward objects.

Weller Weller HK2UKSTG Stained Glass Soldering Iron Kit Mobiles terrariums. Featuring an Ergonomic ( design (made) ed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) shape and balanced design (made) means it's easy (simple) to use control for bonding even the most intricate seams.

Expert Solar Powered Auto-Varioshade Welding And Grinding Helmet - Red Carbon & " ; Expert (proficient) SOLAR POWERED AUTO-VARIOSHADE WELDING AND GRINDING HELMET - RED CARBON & " ;

Clarke Clarke CSK100 Soldering Gun Set This kit for the hobbist. Electronics. Appliance repairs etc.

8100UD Expert Soldering Gun 100 Watt 240 Volt Through interchangeable tips operated by fingertip trigger control from this instant heat gun that is ready to solder in 6 seconds. Built-in spotlight illuminates work. 240v (volts).

Clarke Clarke GWC-1 Welding Cart Conveniently transports arc mig welders. Plasmas cutters and larger gas bottles. Tools and consumables which otherwise can be awkward to move about.

WP60 Pyropen Soldering Iron Cordless & " ; cordless pyropen soldering iron powered by butane gas. Lightweight and easily refillable. Overall length:- 186mm weight:-74g & " ;.

Pyropen Piezo Soldering Iron Push button self-ignition makes the tool ideal (perfect of its kind) for single-handed operation. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with 3. Hot blow nozzle.

SI25W Soldering Iron 25 Watt 240 Volt 40 and 80 watt (SI unit of power) - versions. This faithfull si25w is appropriate for soft soldering metal alloys. The working temperature is reached quickly so you get a good soldered joint.

Machine Mart Xtra Facom 1230.25 230V Soldering Iron 25 Watt A handy soldering iron for the serious user. Made to facoms usual high standards.

Pyropen Junior Soldering Iron The pyropen junior mini iron is supplied (to your designated address) with a 0. 5 millimeter (mm) tapered needle soldering tip and an aluminium protective cap with pocket clip.

Weller SP40N Soldering Iron with LED Light 40w 240v Medium-duty consumer soldering iron with the latest led technology. A triangular housing captures the led s.

Clarke Clarke WCK1 Welding Kit Standard (established by authority) welding accessory kit for use with the Clarke WH215 Welder Generator and other similar machines up to 200amp.

Laser Laser 3410 Gas Soldering Kit 8pc Precision gas torch soldering kit includes spare tips and solder and is refillable from a standard (established by authority) gas canister and is ideal (perfect of its kind) for computer. In-car stereo systems alarms etc.

Laco Regular Soldering Flux 125G 22105 A non-acid. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). 125g. p=53.06%

Laco Regular Soldering Flux 475G 22108 A non-acid. Non-toxic soldering flux paste that cleans as it solders offering fitters. The benefits of savings.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - GF32 Long Reach Welding Clamp Long reach welding clamp ideal (perfect of its kind) for a wide range (scope and variation) of welding applications involved in bodywork repair. Deep reach and wide opening for working around various obstacles.

SI175 Marksman Soldering Iron 175 Watt 240 Volt Heavy-duty soldering iron for the professional user and light industrial operator. 230v (volts).

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF1 Welding Clamp 'jj' style welding clamp. For general purpose clamping of flanged. Lapped or adjacent joints.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - GF2 Welding Clamp 'w' style welding clamp. Great for single sided spot and mig welding.

Rothenberger Micro Soldering Iron and Torch Kit Hot air and torch use. Transparent window to view gas level. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - : equivalent to electrical power range (scope and variation) 30-70w.

Rothenberger Butane Gas Micro Soldering Torch Kit 3-in-1 multifunctional kit for soldering. 6G (gang).

Clarke Clarke Mild Steel Welding Wire 0.6mm 15kg Mild steel welding wire is appropriate for use with co2 or argon co2 mix gas. It is ideal (perfect of its kind) for car and body repair work and fabrication.

Monument 2350 Plumbers Soldering Mat 300x300mm Square And do not present any of the hazards associated with asbestos material. (professional quality) size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). p=81.89%

Monument 2351 Plumbers Soldering Mat 250x250mm Square 10in x 10in. This heat pad resist temperatures up to 600.

Monument Soldering Mat Patented (exclusive right) high temperature safety mat for soldering 15- 22 millimeter (mm) pipes. Heat resistant unique (incomparable) die-cut shape heat resistant unique (incomparable) die-cut shape. Reducing the risk of damage to surrounding area. p=84.47%

Clarke Mixed Pack of Welding Electrodes Not sure which size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) you need? Buy this mixed pack to cover all eventualities.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Grip On Welding Clamp Set (5 Pack) Manufactured (made) to clamp panels together allowing for safe. Ll clamp. J clamp and l clamp.

Weller Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Powered Soldering Iron Set with Piezo Ignition Complete with automatic piezo electronic ignition system. Operated by butane gas this iron requires no batteries or power cord and can be refilled in seconds using a weller gas refill canister (not included). Operating time with a full gas tank is around

2020 Soldering Iron with Plug 20 Watt 240 Volt Reaches 492- and is complete with 3. 5 millimeter (mm) nickle plated tip and iron rest. Fitted with a mains cable complete with a moulded 13 & fused plug.

Rothenberger Soldering Torch with 14mm Point Burner Handy cartridge soldering torch. 14 millimeter (mm) point burner for point soldering with a concentrated flame. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : appropriate for model making; solder round square rods up to 3 millimeter (mm) ; solder thin walled

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