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Weller Conical Soldering Tip 0.4mm For BP645 A conical replacement tip for use with models bp645eu and bp645ceu. Tip width 0.

Clarke Clarke Mild Steel Welding Wire 0.8mm 0.8kg The clarke mild steel welding wire from machine mart is manufactured (made) to the highest quality to offer maximum performance when welding. Mild steel welding wire is appropriate for use with co2 or argon co2 mix gas. It is ideal (perfect of its kind) for car and body repair work and

Clarke Clarke MIG Stainless Steel Welding Wire 0.8mm - 0.5kg Stainless steel welding wire is appropriate for use with argon gas. It is ideal (perfect of its kind) for stainless steel repair work and fabrication.

Clarke Clarke 10 Metre Welding Hose Set

Moldex New Generation Moulded Mask with D Ventex Valve for Ozone and Welding Fumes FFP2 Pack of 10 The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- nuisance organic gas relief- strap and clip. Hang the mask around the neck during breaks- nose seal increases fit and comfort- duramesh for optimum shape retention and durability (long lasting and able to resist w

Weller SP15N Soldering Iron with LED Light 15w 240v Light-duty consumer soldering iron with The latest led technology. Once The tip is in position. The.

Clarke Clarke No Gas Welding Accessory Pack For MIG145, 152, 180 & 196 This two piece welding accessory kit is sold specifically for use with clarke mig145. Mig152. Mig180 mig196 welders.

Rothenberger Plumbers Soldering Mat 200 x 200mm An asbestos-free mat. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - : 200 x 200 millimeter (mm).

Regular Soldering Flux 125g 22105 Offering fitters the benefits of savings. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). 125g & " ;.

Soldering Iron 230V 40W Fine point tip and 40w (watt) element for general soldering work. 3m power cord and 1 piece of iron support plate. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : 230v (volts) 40w (watt).

2350X Soldering & Brazing Pad 12 X12in & " ; this heat pad resists temperatures up to 600 degrees centigrade. And does not present any of the hazards associated with asbestos material. (300 x 300 millimeter (mm) ).

2355M OMAT-« Soldering Mat 15-22mm Reduces the risk of fire. The unique (incomparable) shape with overlap gives a tight and secure fit. Additionally.

Weller SP80N Soldering Iron with LED Light 80w 240v 3 led s deliver light to the application for superior accuracy. A triangular housing captures the led s. Once the tip is in position.

SP80L Soldering Iron 80 Watt 240 Volt & " ; new indicator (directing device) light allows you to instantly see that the iron is on fine quality. Consumer medium-duty iron. 247 millimeter (mm) long ideal (perfect of its kind) for hobby work.

No.3 Soldering Fluid 250ml 3 is a specially formulated liquid flux ideal (perfect of its kind) for soldering and tinning of copper and tinned materials. Ensuring sound strong joints. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 250ml.

Sealey Welding Electrodes 4mm 2.5kg Pack E6013 general purpose mild steel electrodes made to bs en 757 standard (established by authority). Electrode : 4.

Draper 3.2mm Welding Electrode Pack of 170 General purpose medium coated rutile type mild steel electrodes appropriate for all types of welding joint. Low spatter and self-releasing slag. Manufactured (made) to en13479.

Sealey Welding Electrodes 3.2mm 2.5kg Pack 2 x 350mmpack weight: 2. 5kg.

Draper 4mm Welding Electrodes Pack of 115 Low spatter and self-releasing slag. Manufactured (made) to en13479.

Clarke Clarke 5 Metre Welding Hose Set A pair of colour coded 8 millimeter (mm) bore hoses one each for oxygen and acetylene gas. Fitted with 3 8& " ; bsp swivel nut connections at each end.

Sealey 5 Metre Oxyacetylene Welding Hose Set Pair of 10 millimeter (mm) hoses fitted with check valves and 3 8 " bsp swivel unions. Length: 5mtr.

Gascat 60 w Soldering Iron XG06020 Heat is generated by a single butane gas cartridge. A range (scope and variation) of soldering tips are available to accommodate the majority of applications. & " ;.

BP645EU Battery Soldering Iron 6 Watt 4.5 Volt With red light indicator (directing device) when power is on. A protective safety cap turns off power when placed on tool. 3 batteries.

Sealey Solid Cobalt Spot Welding Drill 8mm Boron and high stress steels. Extending product life.

Weller Battery Soldering Iron 8/11w The weller new dual (double) battery-powered soldering iron bp860ceu. It delivers either 8 watts of power on low setting level i (450 deg c) or 11 watts on high setting level ii (510 deg c).

Antex Gascat 60 Gas Soldering Iron A range (scope and variation) of solde. Heat is generated by a single butane gas cartridge. p=85.19%

Clarke Clarke CWH7 Arc Activated Welding Headshield This professional headshield with an attractive flame design (made) gives eye protection to en379. It provides a clear view when not welding but instantly changes to required shade or filter when the arc is struck. It the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows

Expert Solar Powered Auto-Varioshade Welding And Grinding Helmet - Sandstorm Expert (proficient) SOLAR POWERED AUTO-VARIOSHADE WELDING AND GRINDING HELMET - SANDSTORM

Black & Decker Ci500 Craft & Soldering Iron 240v - cooling stand - with storage drawer for tip. Metal.

Euro Fit Mig Or Mag Welding Torch With 3M Of Cable & " ; EURO FIT MIG OR MAG WELDING TORCH WITH 3M OF CABLE & " ;

CK Soldering Iron 25w 240v Independently certified by the vde institute of germany and gs approved. The c. 240v (volts) - 25w with 3 pin plug.

CK Soldering Iron 40w 240v The c. K heavy duty soldering irons are fully suited for professional use.

Hanson Locking Sheet Welding Clamp 225mm / 9&quot This clamp has a nickel-plated finish. Which resists rust and corrosion. The clamp features a traditional release leve.

Welding Earth Clamp 400 Amp Rugged. Strong spring jaws.

Draper 2.5 Metre Welding Cable & 200amp Clamp with 35/50 Dinse Plug 2. 5m 16 millimeter (mm) welding cable with trailing dinse-type plug and 200a crocodile earth clamp fitted.

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