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Steinel Welding Nozzle For Hot Air Guns Can be fitted to 092214 the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - s : fits on to the 9mm reduction nozzle. For working with plastic welding rod up to 6 millimeter (mm) in diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) -. p=70.65%

Steinel Soldering Reflector Nozzle For Hot Air Guns For soldering and shrink-fitting soldering sleeves and heat shrinkable sleeves....

Steinel Black Welding Rod Hdpe For Hot Air Guns For securely welding HDPE plasticsSpecifications : Pack contain s 100g...

Sealey Butane Gas Heating / Soldering Torch Kit The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - adjustable (capability of being adjusted) heating control ranging up to 450 c (approximately). Removable solder tip transforms torch into burning flame heat source. Supplied (to your designated address) with a variet p=75.56%

Draper 12V Dc 15W Soldering Iron 2m of cable. Soldering iron with car cigarette lighter plug and 1.

Sealey Welding Electrodes 1.6mm 2.5kg Pack Electrode : 1. 6 x 250mmpack weight: 2. 5kg.

Rothenberger Super Fire 2 Soldering And Brazing Torch The super-fire 2 soldering and brazing torch is the result of many years experience and provides the highest standards in concentrating high temperature for fast and effective soldering and brazing in the plumbing. Refrigeration. Air conditi.

Draper 25W Soldering Kit 240V Straight tip. Tweezers. Manufactured (made) to bs en 60335-2-45 the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - s. p=70.37%

Murex OK 63.20 2.5mm x300mm 316L Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes Pack Of 42 Also appropriate for welding stabilized steels of similar composition. Can be use d in all positions including vertical down. p=92.97%

Sealey Soldering Iron 100W/240V Fitted with replaceable (can be replaced) soldering tip. Include s 1. p=79.07%

Draper 280mm Self Grip Welding Clamp Manufactured (made) from good quality steel. With Quick (fast) release lever. p=85.31%

Draper Gas Soldering Iron The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s instant electronic ignition. Variable flame control and a refillable tank. ) continuous work (at mid setting). p=75.93%

Sealey Butane Gas Soldering Gun Removable solder tip transforms torch into flameless heat source. Appropriate for heating and soldering. Include s safety. p=91.34%

Sealey Mini Robot Soldering Stand with Magnifier Fitted with two. Cast steel base for additional stability. p=88.50%

Sealey Oxyacetylene Welding & Brazing Kit No. 5 and no. 10 nozzles.

Steinel Welding Rod Pvc For Hot Air Guns Pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) soft plastic welding rod for securely welding plasticised pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - : Pack contain s 100g... p=64.76%

Weller Pyropen Piezo Soldering Iron Cordless pyropen piezo soldering iron powered by butane gas. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with 3. p=85.99%

8100UDK Expert Soldering Gun Kit 100 Watt 240 Volt Powerwork. Smoothing tip. All contained within a sturdy compact (small in size) carrying case.

Weller SP25NK Soldering Iron with LED Light 25w 240v The weller soldering iron with led light is a high performance. Standard (established by authority) -duty consumer soldering iron with the latest led technology.

Machine Mart Xtra Gunson 77073 - Battery Powered Soldering Iron A portable (easily carried) soldering iron for use in emergencies. In situ or for running repairs. This iron is ce tuv emc certificated.

Antex Gascat 120 Gas Soldering Iron Kit The ideal (perfect of its kind) portable (easily carried) soldering iron appropriate for a number of domestic and industrial applications. Avoiding the restrictions associated with by conventional electric powered machines. A range (scope and variation) of solde. p=82.20%

Draper 100W Soldering Gun Kit 240V Comprising (included) soldering gun with bs approved 3 pin plug (3a) and 1. 2m (approx. Tube of solder and flux. p=93.02%

Faithfull Soldering Iron 80W Brass and copper. The working temperature is reached quickly and a metal holder is supplied (to your designated address) to keep the hot iron safely at rest when not in use. p=90.24%

Monument 2355M Cut Out Plumbers Soldering Mat For 15 & 22mm Pipe Patented (exclusive right) cut out mat for soldering copper pipes from 15 - 22 millimeter (mm) in diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) -. Reduces the risk of fire. Unlike conventional soldering mats the omat wraps around the pipe offering comple. p=82.48%

Sealey Butane Gas Pen Heating / Soldering Torch Soldering and shrinking. Include s safety cap for storage. Powered by butane (lighter fluid).

Sealey C-Clamp & Welding Clamp Set 3pc Heat treated steel grips and jaws with bright nickel-plated finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Supplied (to your designated address) in tool roll. Locking c-clamp 2. p=72.73%

Sealey Electronic Micro Soldering Torch Piezo electric ignition with ceramic burner head for simple operation and long life. 1300 c burner flame adjustable (capability of being adjusted) from 12 to 35 millimeter (mm). Include s bench stand for hands-free operation. p=86.52%

Sealey Lightweight Welding Nozzle No.2 No2 Light weight Welding Nozzle for SGA1 Gas Welding Kit....

Sealey Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Set 4. Single stage gas regulators with two gauges to show bottle pressure and working pressure.

Sealey Soldering Gun Kit 100W/240V Pistol type. Fitted with 1. Supplied (to your designated address) with 10g coil of general purpose solder. p=84.66%

Sealey Soldering Iron 30W/240V Include s 1. 5mtr of cable with bs approved 230volt 13amp plug. Power rating: 30wreplace.

Sealey Spot Welding Arms 120mm Exterior Professionals A comprehensive range (scope and variation) of heavy-duty spot welding arms appropriate for sealey and other leading brands of welder. We recommend the use of an electrode sharpener to retain the optimum tip configuration and performa. p=90.11%

Sealey Welding Punch Tool 5mm Fitted with non-slip pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) grips. 5 millimeter (mm) holes are appropriate for preparing panels for mig spot welding. p=77.31%

Weller 2015 Soldering Iron With Plug 15W 240V 15w miniature soldering iron designed for the electronic hobby enthusiast. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for those delicate tasks requiring a little more power. 0 millimeter (mm) nickel plated tip and iron rest. p=89.64%

Weller 9200Udk Soldering Gun Kit Smoothing tip. Screwdriver.

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