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Machine Mart Xtra Tubesca 5 Tread Compact Step Ladder Warranty (assurance) 3-year. Standard (established by authority) en131. Weight ( kilogram (kg) ) 5.

Machine Mart Xtra Summit 4m Class 1 TuffSteel Pole Ladder Industrial 4. 0m steel pole ladder that is fully protected for maximum corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistance. Round non-slip rungs that allow use either way up.

T. B. Davies Summit 5.46m Trade Single Section Aluminium Roof Ladder The summit 5. Sections 1. Usage type medium duty.

T. B. Davies Tubesca 6 Tread Compact Step Ladder Strong spun-rung 6 tread platform step that is light and easy (simple) to handle. Platform height (m) 1. 2.

Youngman Ladder Wall Standoff for Most Extension Ladders Make work at height easier and far safer by fitting the youngman ladder stand off to your existing extension ladder. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- avoids damage to gutters.

T. B. Davies T B Davies Carry Case for Xtend & Climb Ladder A heavy-duty bag designed specifically to both store and protect the amazing 'xtend climb' telescopic ladder. With handy pocket for tools and stuff.

T. B. Davies T B Davies Xtend & Climb 3.8m Telescopic Ladder When fully retracted. And yet it also extends to an amazing 3.

Xtend & Climb Home Telescopic Ladder 9-Tread Professional quality ladder. 6m. Closed height 0.

Xtend & Climb Pro Ladder Ideal (perfect of its kind) for tradesmen. Surveyors and building inspectors. Light enough to carry by hand between jobs and easily stored in the boot of a car. p=91.33%

Machine Mart Xtra Lyte GS140 Single Section Ladder 3.93m This product is designed for trade use and manufactured (made) to take more wear and tear then domestic products. It is designed for occasional to frequent use and is appropriate for trade environments.

Machine Mart Xtra Summit 2.94m Trade Extending Roof Ladder The double (twin) extension makes the ladder easier to use and transport than a conventional roof ladder and the variable length makes working on rooves of different lengths safer. 94 rungs treads 11 9. Warranty (assurance) 5-year.

Machine Mart Xtra Alufix 2.4m Concertina Loft Ladder When you are looking for a loft ladder that fits into the smallest space. With a swing clearance of just 47cm. Material aluminium.

Machine Mart Xtra Youngman 306304 - Deluxe Stairway Loft Ladder Highest quality 2-section aluminium loft ladder. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - additional large comfortable treads and supplied (to your designated address) complete with 2 full length handrails.

Machine Mart Xtra Zarges Skymaster Combination Ladder 3x9 Rung The skymaster combination ladder offers six functions from one ladder. Dimension (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are mentioned as follows) - - closed: 2700 x 850 x 200 millimeter (mm) full extended height as 3-part ladder: 6700mm as freestanding ladder: 1810 b

Reina Luna Flat Ladder Towel Radiator S/Steel 600 x 720mm 494W 1685Btu Stylish. En 442.

Youngman Easiway Aluminium 3 Section Extending Loft Ladder Extends 3 Metre Designed for occasional use in the home. This quality loft ladder is easy (simple) to use and appropriate for openings from 508mm x 432mm. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- tested.

Youngman Aluminium Light Trade 4 Tread Platform Step Ladder EN131 This range (scope and variation) of aluminium platform steps provide great flexibility. Combined with lightwieght and sturdy construction for the light trades. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- light trade quality for the domestic use r- excellen p=81.19%

Youngman Catwalk Fibre Glass Heavy Duty 4 Tread Builders Step Ladder EN131 This product offers a long lifespan with great build qualty. For heavy trade use select the yellow catwalk step ladder.

Youngman Catwalk Fibre Glass Heavy Duty 4 Tread Platform Step Ladder EN131 Opt for the yellow catwalk platform step. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- appropriate for heavy trade use - large reinforced stan. p=69.13%

Youngman Youngman T335 DIY 3 Section Extension Ladder New T335 DIY EN131 certified 3 section extension ladder from the Youngman Group.

Youngman Youngman Eco S Line Timber Loft Ladder Three section. Folding loft ladder. The complete offers the following the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - and benefits:.

Youngman Youngman Teleguard Step 7-9 Tread Platform Ladder It is extremely hard wearing and is ideal (perfect of its kind) for installation and maintenance projects. 62m and 2. Leaving the stabilisers firmly on the ground at all times.

Youngman Youngman DIY Easiway Loft Ladder Easily secured to the hatch opening. It remains completely hidden when closed and folded away.

Youngman Youngman 357312 - Seven Tread Atlas Step Ladder This youngmans light trade step ladder is perfect for domestic and light trade use. Durable and strong. For great usability.

Youngman Youngman 2.6m Telescopic Loft Ladder Access (the ability) and enjoy your loft space with the youngman telescopic loft ladder. It is built to withstand the toughest of handling and working conditions.

Zarges UK Timber Loft Ladder 33mm insulated hatchrobust metal catchdraft seal on hatch 33mm insulated hatch robust metal catch draft seal on hatch. Easy (simple) to open and fold away. Rapid (speedily) fix installation. p=93.92%

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