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Victorinox Dual Pro Red / Black Dual Density Lock Blade Swiss Army Knife 10 Functions Can be opened with one hand- corkscrew- can opener with small screwdriver - bottle opener with large screwdriver wire stripper- reamer punc. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- serrated cutting lock blade. p=82.41%

Victorinox Workchamp Red Lock Blade Swiss Army Knife 21 Functions 09064 Victorinox Workchamp Red Lock Blade Swiss Army Knife 21 Functions 09064, 65024

Window Swing Lock For securing casement-hung wooden windows. Also helps reduce draughts.

37RK/60 60mm Granit Padlock Rekeyable 08334 & " ; disc cylinder padlock. Containers. Lorries) securing objects with a high risk of theft special requirements imposed by insurance companies & " ;.

Master Lock 0.9m Hardened Steel Security Chain 10mm & D-Lock Padlock Weather-resistant security chain and 39mm padlock. 35kg.

Master Lock 0.9m Security Chain 6mm & 40mm Padlock The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : nylon cover to prevent damage; 40 millimeter (mm) padlock with thermoplastic cover. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - : weight: 0. 77kg.

950/100 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 25mm x 100cm G. Lamppost. & " ;.

Facom 445.10R 10" Lock Wire Pliers Auto 445. 10: standard (established by authority) model. 445.

Draper 3 Metre / 10 Feet Auto Lock Tape Measure Tough impact resistant abs case with soft grip. Blade remains out when extended without use of locking button. Power return nylon coated blade has clear black and red graduations.

Yale Anti Snap 110mm Long Euro Cylinder Lock 55 x 45mm Bright Nickel

1950/120 Colour Cable Lock 7mm/120cm & " ; convenient inexpensive cable lock designed to prevent the opportunist theft. Fence) technology: 7 millimeter (mm) cable covered in a plastic sheath. Automatic locking & " ;.

1150/120 Combi Cable Lock 7mm/120cm 7 millimeter (mm) plastic covered cable : 120 cm length -3 digit combination : Set your own code

145/20 20mm Aluminium Combination Padlock Titanium 46576 Cut and drilled pure aluminium bodies for lightness and strength. Plus coated mechanisms and shackles to prevent chemical corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion). Colour : titanium (lustrous, very hard and resistant to corrosion).

145/20 20mm Aluminium Combination Padlock Yellow 46572 & " ; the re-settable abus 145 series aluminium combination padlocks have precision extruded. 20-30 millimeter (mm) - 3 digit combination. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 20 millimeter (mm).

145/40 40mm Aluminium Combination Padlock Green 49531 40 millimeter ( millimeter (mm) ) - 4 digit combination. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 40 millimeter (mm). Colour : green.

Abus 30mm 148TSA Series 3 Digit Combination Cable Luggage Lock Black Essential security for visitors to the usa. The t.

Machine Mart Xtra Facom 580.6 Multi Purpose Lock Grip Pliers 150mm Appropriate for industrial and automotive production and maintenance applications. - forged in chrome (chromium-plated) molybdenum steel with treated jaws for longer working life. - one-hand unlocking by internal opening lever.

Yale Locks P334 Rim Lock Black Finish 156 x 104mm Rim locks are ideal (perfect of its kind) for internal doors or gates and outbuildings. These rim locks are held on by three screws and its.

65MB/15 15mm Brass Padlock & Shackle Keyed 6151 & " ; the abus 65 series open shackle brass padlocks have a body which is made from solid (firm and hard) brass and the shackle is also made from brass. The inner components are made from non-corrosive materials. The precision pin cylinder has mushroom counter pins with

Machine Mart Xtra Oxford OF172 Magnum Ultra Strong U-Lock - 170 x 258mm Non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by testing security products. Many insurance companies offer substantial reductions to those who use sold secure approved products.

J.171 Lock On Ratchet 3/8 in Drive Overall length 210mm. Iso 3315. nf Iso 3315.

Marshalltown Cam Lock Trowel 18&quot x 4&quot Create the perfect trowel for every situation. I-beam mounting increases overall blade strength.

Union B-1K21 74mm C Series Cruiser Padlock with Close Shackle The union c-series cruiser 1k21 is a tough padlock for use in security applications. Non-key reta.

1 Metre Heavy-Duty Chain & Padlock & " ; the faithfull faiplchset is ideal (perfect of its kind) for securing site equipment. Motorbikes and other similar items to guard against theft. 5 millimeter (mm) square profile chain.

702 Lock Out Hasp 1.5in Red 35768 8 & " ; all steel construction and corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) protected. Hasp accepts up to 6 41. Each fitter has his own colour coded padlock and the switch grear cannot be restarted until all the fitters are clear of the machinery.

Yale Locks P118 Auto Window Lock White Finish Pack of 1 The yale p118 auto window lock is an ideal (perfect of its kind) solution for added security to your home. As this easy (simple) to install lock will provide maximum security to your windows. This surface fixed lock automatically snaplocks on closing the window.

Master Lock 1-Hook Combination Key Safe 4-digit resettable combination key safe. Illuminates when in use. Supplied (to your designated address) with fixings.

S.171 Lock On Ratchet 1/2 in Drive & " ; the facom s. Nf iso 3315. & " ;.

Machine Mart Xtra Oxford 1.8m Cable Lock (Smoke) This oxford cable lock is essential for motorcycle and bicycle users. Compact (small in size) and lightweight. The cable lock is easily carried in bags and backpacks.

Machine Mart Xtra Oxford OF331 Nemesis Ultra Strong Chain and Padlock - 1.5m The padlock has a 16 millimeter (mm) hardened steel shackle with an anti-pick. Non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by testing security products. The same methods of attack used by criminals on the street are replicated by sold secure

Union 2077-5 124mm 3 Lever Horizontal Mortice Lock Polished Brass Traditional door furniture where greater clearance is required. Reversable latch bolt for use on timber doors hinged on the left or the right.

85/20 20mm Brass Padlock Body manufactured (made) from solid (firm and hard) brass. Overall width: 21 millimeter (mm) overall height: 39 millimeter (mm) overall depth: 13 millimeter (mm) shackle width: 12 millimeter (mm) i. 5 millimeter (mm) & " ;.

65/20 20mm Brass Padlock Keyed 202 The precision pin cylinder has mushroom counter pins with the paracentric key-way offering greater protection against manipulation. It does not require a key. Shackle height: 11.

Sterling Cam Lock Keyed Alike 20mm PK2 Cam lock with 2 x 180. 5 millimeter (mm) straight cam. 6 x 27mm.

Master Lock Aluminium Padlock 20mm Aluminium body with brushed finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - and a steel shackle. 3-digit resettable combination. Weight: 0.

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