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Stanley Skeleton Liner Lock Knife Liner lock positive locking action. Stainless steel rust free.

Stanley Liner Lock Utility Knife + Karabiner Knife Liner Lock with Karabiner titanium (lustrous, very hard and resistant to corrosion) coated blade edge for long lasting sharpness Mode from 440C stainless steel rust free and durable Liner lock gives positive locking actionThumb knob for easy (simple) opening Karabiner clip for easy (simple) sto p=85.66%

Kasp 70mm Close Shackle 190 Series High Security Padlock The kasp 190 series Has been designed and manufactured (made) in accordance with the stringent the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - s of cen class 6. The Highest grade within the internationally recognised central european norm security standard (established by auth p=82.77%

Squire All-Weather Padlock 8mm dia. Shackle Brass body. Appropriate for harsh external applications. Include s 2 keys. p=86.08%

Urfic Lock Door Handle Nevada Satin Nickel Satin nickel lock door handle s. For internal or external use.

Draper U Bar Shackle Lock With 2 Keys Dual (double) steel ball locking precision tumbler for increased security. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for applications where clearance is necessary. Supplied (to your designated address) with two keys. p=82.29%

ERA Multi Point Repair Lock 16 x 53 x 1500mm Euro cylinder required. Corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) -resistant lock repair kit. p=78.15%

Skeleton Liner Lock Knife Liner lock strong positive locking action. Designed for general purpose and light-duty applications.

Master Lock Excell Disc Padlock 80mm Additional hard. Cut-resistant boron carbide (compound of carbon) shackle with 4 pin cylinder. Disc protects shackle offering higher security. p=86.92%

Squire 50mm All-Weather Combination Padlock 38mm Shackle 000 combinations. 48mm steel body with hardened steel shackle.

Squire 50mm All-Weather Combination Padlock 63mm Shackle Recodable with 10. 000 combinations.

Squire 660Ka Old English Padlock Keyed Alike Steel padlock with a 4 lever mechanism keyed alike. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for farm. Garages etc. p=86.96%

Squire 660 Old English Steel Case Padlock 64mm Cold rolled steel cases. Brass bolts. Levers and keyhole covers.

Dorcas 8-12V AC/DC Electric Release Rim Mortice Lock 8- 12v (volt) ac dc. Fail locked rim mortice lock for inward opening doors. Use with door entry kits (quote 41011 or 43637). p=94.69%

Kasp 40mm 130 Series Laminated Steel Padlock The robust design (made) of this classic style of padlock ensures that it is still as popular as ever. With a hardened steel shackle. Double (twin) bolted locking mechanism. p=95.21%

Securefast Mechanical Medium Duty Push Button Lock Tubular Latch Mechanical operation. Front and back plates. 4-10 digit code length.

Squire All-Weather Padlock 10mm dia. Shackle Include s 2 keys. Hardened steel shackle.

Squire Combi 2 Recodeable Diecast Combi Lock Combination locking bolt. Die cast zinc plated with a black procoat finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. With a recodeable mechanism. p=77.90%

Squire Dcl2 Stainless Steel Disc Lock 70mm Stainless steel disc lock with a solid (firm and hard) stainless steel shackle and lock body. Closed shackle for security. Keyed alike available. p=93.48%

Victorinox Forester Black Lock Blade Swiss Army Knife 11 Functions 083633 Functions:- Large lock blade- Corkscrew- Can opener with Small screwdriver - Cap lifter with Screwdriver & & ; Wire stripper- Punch & & ; Reamer- Key ring- Tweezers- Toothpick- WoodsawSize:111mm... p=94.03%

Abus 60mm 24 Series Diskus All Stainless Steel Padlock Where to use it: high security requirement in severe weather conditions the 100 non-corrosive shackle is made from stainl. Original diskus design (made) offers the highest level of protection restricting the usual method of manipulation. p=97.25%

Abus 65mm 92 Series Monoblock Shutter Padlock Steel Padlock Keyed Alike to Suite KA8511 Abus 65 millimeter (mm) 92 Series Monoblock Shutter Padlock Steel Padlock Keyed Alike to Suite KA8511, 402866 p=91.35%

Draper 21mm Solid Brass Padlock & 2 Keys With Mushroom Pin Tumblers Hardened Steel Shackle & Bumper Key blanks are available separately. Special bumper to prevent damage to locked item.

Draper 82mm Expert Quality Heavy Duty Electric Plated Stainless Steel Close Shackle Padlock & 2 Keys With Hardened Steel Shackle & Replaceable Six Pin Steel body with hardened steel shackle changeable six pin precision tumbler and brass lock cylinder for servicing and re-keying. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with two keys. p=91.88%

Facom 1/2&quot Square Drive Lock On Ratchet The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- 72 tooth mechanism - 5° working arc- Lock on ratchet - standard (established by authority) length... p=62.42%

Facom 3/8 Square Drive Lock On Ratchet The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- lock on ratchet - standard (established by authority) length- unique (incomparable) load strength - tested to iso 3315. Para 5. (1 2 " square drive). p=66.67%

Marshalltown Cam Lock Trowel 14in x 4in The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - include. Create the perfect trowel for every situation. p=64.45%

Masterlock High Security Van Lock - zinc body nickle & chrome (chromium-plated) plated for better security. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- high security lock appropriate for use on utility trailers or vans- round shackleless lock designed to prevent prying cutting an p=76.57%

Mortice Knob Entrance Lock Set Brass 67mm For use on internal doors. Brass finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. p=56.74%

Draper Universal Ladder Lock Fits Most Ladders Universal ladder lock giving a practical system for the safe. Convenient and secure storage of most ladders. Two brackets are approximately 225 x 170mm.

Sealey Metal Cutting Bandsaw 150mm 240V with Mitre & Quick Lock Vice Fully guarded blade with magnetic (properties of magnet) no-load voltage switch (For a complete range of switches, please browse the switches and dimmer section or use the search form) to prevent motor re-start in the event of power failure or blade jam. Complies with the requirements of the mac p=76.50%

Squire 35/2.5 Long Shackle Padlock 63mm Vsc 4 pin tumbler with black plastic sleeve - 1024 key variations. Layers of steel plates rivetted together with steel rivets to produce an immensely strong lock to resist attack.

Squire 39Cs/Ka Stronglock Padlock Keyed Alike Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) across face: 51mm. 9mm hardened steel shackle. p=71.43%

Squire Ar40Cs S/S Closed Shackle Lock 40mm 9mmvertical shackle clearance - 19. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :shackle diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - - 6. p=61.54%

Squire Ss50Cp5 Hi Security Closed Shackle Lock P5 solid (firm and hard) steel and brass padlocks 5 pin tumbler the stronghold p5 padlock is built for high security protection and offers excellent value for money. They meet the european cen grade 3 for padlocks. 5 pin tumbler mechanism - rekeyabl. p=96.30%

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