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Stanley FatMax 4:1 Geared Ratchet Screwdriver Can be used as a standard (established by authority) multi-bit ratchet. Also with onboard bit storage for added convenience.

Siegen Screwdriver Set Hammer Through 12 Piece Fully hardened. Driver tips are additional hard. Classic type handle s manufactured (made) from high impact resistant material. p=90.69%

Stanley 10 Piece Cushion Grip Mixed Screwdriver Set Cushion grip screwdriver. Provides excellent torque and comfort. Large diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - handle offers greater torque. p=83.45%

Stanley Ratchet Screwdriver 0 62 509 The screwdriver bits can be stored in the handle. A ratchet screwdriver with a softgrip ratcheting handle.

Wera Kraftform 6 Piece Slotted & Pozi Screwdriver Set Handle of Ergonomic ( design (made) ed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) design (made) for faster more powerful (having great power) and less tiring screwdriving action. The wera slip stop blade prevents slipping out of the screw head. p=73.86%

Wera Kraftform Comfort PH2 x 100mm Phillips VDE Insulated Screwdriver Handle : kraftform comfort with anti-roll protection. Multi-componentstandard: iec 60.

1000V Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set 7 Pc Durable vde set made to professional standards for a long life. Chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel. Insulated to 1000v. p=86.49%

Britool 5.5 x 125mm Slotted Screwdriver 230mm Screwdriver for slotted heads (electrician´s) the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- Bimaterial Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) comfortable and effective handle- Bit color code: red- Round ch

Facom Protwist 6.5 x 150mm Flared Slotted Screwdriver The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- optimum tip grain structure for exceptional torsional strength- matt chrome (chromium-plated) blade. Hardened black tip- additional -long blades for increased accessibilityspecifications:tip width: 6.

Facom A5,5X200VE Protwist Screwdriver Slotted 5,5X200VE 1000V Din iso 2380-1. Din iso 2380-2. Standards.

Facom Protwist 6.5 x 150mm Insulated Parallel Slotted Screwdriver The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- 1. - machined blade up to 5.

DeWalt DCF610 10.8v Compact Cordless Screwdriver without Battery Or Charger The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - benefits: bull powerful (having great power) 10. Lightweight design (made) bull 15 position adjustable (capability of being adjusted) torque control for consistent screwdriving into a variety of materials wi.

Bosch GSR 3.6 V-LI Mx2Drive Cordless 2 Speed Screwdriver + 1 Lithium Ion Battery 1.3ah With its new innovative 2-speed gear technology this 3. 6 volt powerpack revolutionises the world of compact (small in size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) ) screwdrivers. Witness true lithium-ion benefits as smallest size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) meets vast powe

Bosch GBH2-18 SDS+ Hammer Drill 110V + Screwdriver Professional hammer drill (In our listed range of hand tools, We also have power drills listed on our website, please browse the category or brand section) with high-torque motor. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for working overhead. World 039;s smallest of its kind and include s a magnetic (properti p=62.11%

Britool 6 Piece VDE Insulated 1000v Screwdriver Set Slotted / Pozi 5 x 75 - 4 x 100 - 5. 5 x 150 millimeter (mm). Pozidriv screwdrivers: pz1 x 100 - pz2 x 125specifications:weight: 430g.

CK Dextro VDE Screwdriver Set SLP/PZD 6Pcs Contoured blade insulation for improved terminal access (the ability). Permanent tip marking for convenient identification. 000v gs safety marked. p=94.29%

CSD-4130GN Screwdriver 4 Volt 1 x 1.5ah Li-Ion The Ryobi CSD-4130GN 4 volt Lithium-Ion cordless screwdriver.

DeWalt SDS & Screwdriver Set 39 Pc 39 piece set. Bit holder and torx bits.

Draper 10 Piece Expert Insulated Expert Pliers & Screwdriver Set Tested to 10kv. Each.

Draper 5mm X 150mm Expert Slotted Parallel Tip Screwdriver Polymer vulcanized soft grip rubber handle s. Expert (proficient) quality. p=87.14%

Draper 6 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set With forward reverse rotation and chemically blacked knurled hand grip. Bit holder can be removed to use 1 2 " socket drive with impact sockets. Display packed in steel storage case. p=96.86%

Draper 9 Piece Cabinet Pattern Screwdriver Set Draper 9 Piece Cabinet Pattern Screwdriver Set, 74663

Facom 12 Piece Protwist Standard & Insulated Mixed Screwdriver Set Slotted / Phillips / Pozi + Storage Rack No more lost screwdriver s the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Protwist screwdriver s in intuitively designed wall mountable racks- Polyproppylene construction to prevent damage to the screwdriver s- Universal grip on all screwdriver sContains: p=85.03%

Facom 8 Piece Protwist Roller Cabinet Module Mixed Slotted / Phillips / Pozi Screwdriver Set Contains:slotted - 4x25. 5. Pz1x25.

Facom Ultra Compact 36 Piece 1/4&quot Square Drive Socket & Screwdriver Set Metric The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- easy (simple) to clean- Metal hinge- Metal clasp- Resistant to workshop solvents- Fits pockets or portable (easily carried) toolboxes- For a variety of applications- Selection of screwdriver bits: With pictogra p=80.99%

Faithfull 200 X 10mm Soft Grip Flared Slotted Screwdriver Type - flared tiptip - 10mmlength - 200 millimeter (mm). Bi-material soft grip for use r comfort and firm non-slip grip. p=91.77%

Forge Steel 200mm Long Reach Screwdriver Set 4Pcs 4 piece set. Long 200 millimeter (mm) (7& " ;) blade for access (the ability) to hard-to-reach screws. Supplied (to your designated address) in nylon wallet. p=71.78%

Forge Steel Torx Screwdriver Set 6Pcs 6 piece set. Magnetic (properties of magnet) tipshardened chrome (chromium-plated) vanadiumbi-material handle s magnetic (properties of magnet) tips hardened chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium bi-material handle s. Hardened blades for maximum strength and soft-grip handle s for comfort. p=81.11%

Draper Expert 10 Piece Fully Insulated Screwdriver & Pliers Set Tested to 10kv. Pliers are drop forged from chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel correctly hardened and tempered with additionally induction hardened cutting edges. Each of.

Price Cuts Ryobi CSD4107BG 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver Lightweight 4V lithium-ion technology small and compact (small in size) and great to reach confined spaces

Faithfull Flex Drive Screwdriver 1/4&quot Magnetic The faisdflex flex drive screwdriver is a magnetic (properties of magnet) 6. 5 millimeter (mm) (1 4 inch) bit driver. It can be used with all standard (established by authority) screwdriver bits.

Makita 6802BV Construction Screwdriver 510w 240v Tek or hex screw applications. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - - forward and reverse gears- variable speed trigger- double (twin) insulated for safetyspecificationmax wood screw: no. 12x2 " max self drilling screw: 6 millimeter (mm)

Makita 6843 110V Auto-Feed Screwdriver Supplied (to your design (made) ated address) with carry case and phillips bit. Include s new design (made) screw guide and integral belt clip. Use s 25- 55 millimeter (mm) collated screws variable speed reversedepth adjustmentanti-slip nosesoft-grip handle use s 25- 55 millimeter (mm) collated s p=82.92%

Dewalt DCF680 G2 7.2v Motion Activated Screwdriver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 1ah The dewalt dcf680g2 motion activated screwdriver is a powerful (having great power) 7. 2 volt screwdriver with gyroscopic operation coupled with variable speed to allow for excellent control.

Facom 2 Piece Borneo Screwdriver Set Pozidriv Includes- pozidriv - pz 1. Pz 2.

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