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Anti-Slip Hazard Tape Black/Yellow 100mm x 18m Anti-slip tape. Self- adhesive (glue or paste used for sticking and holding materials). p=50.85%

Double-Sided Radon Barrier Tape 10m x 50mm 10m x 50 millimeter (mm). Double (twin) -sided tape for use when laying a radon barrier. Also appropriate for installing damp-proof membrane. p=83.15%

Facom ABS Case 2 Metre Tape Measure Anti glare. 2m x 13 millimeter (mm) matt. p=77.14%

Facom ABS Case 3 Metre Tape Measure Nylon coated blade. 3m x 16 millimeter (mm) matt. p=81.40%

Facom Pro 10 Metre Tape Measure 3m. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- combination stainless steel and abs rubber casing for drop and shock resistance- nylon tape for improved abrasion resistance- twin (double) position tape lock mechanism- 10 metres x 25mmalso available in 2m p=83.24%

Faithfull Speed Tape Measure & Right Cut Saw Guide Place the tape hook at the end of the material yo. Speed tape measure & saw guide. p=95.45%

Fisco Euromet 30 Metre / 100 Feet Tape Measure High the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - steel surveying tape. Polyester coated steel blade. Engineering grade p. p=77.55%

Fisco Futura 10 Metre / 33 Feet Glass Fibre Tape Measure Such that fingers are kept clear of. Fully enclosed glass fibre tape which is coated in an additional thick layer of pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) which gives additional resistance to scuffing and marking. p=87.87%

Fisco Meteor 20 Metre / 66 Feet Tape Measure Whitecote. Polyester coated steel blade.

Gorilla Tape 48mm x 32m 32m. Double (twin) -thick adhesive (glue or paste used for sticking and holding materials). Appropriate for use indoors and out. p=58.29%

Irwin Standard 5m/16ft Imperial/Metric Tape Measure A quality tape measure is a must have for every tool kit and this irwin measure is the ideal (perfect of its kind) addition to any kit. Manufactured (made) from durable plastic with an Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) 'pro-touch&a

Lufkin Fibreglass 100 Metre / 330 Feet Long Tape Measure Lufkin Fibreglass 100 Metre / 330 Feet Long Tape Measure, 403400

Lufkin Speedwinder Tape Measure 20 Metre / 66 Feet The blade is graduated metric english with easy (simple) -to-read black and red markings. The lufkin speed winder tape the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a 3:1 gear ratio for fast blade retrieval and a high impact abs case with non-slip grip. p=82.57%

Stanley Fat Max XL 5m Tape Measure This tough and durable 5 metre long tape measure is built to last. It has a polyester film coated blade to offer much better wear resistance than normal lacquered blades.

Sealey 7.5 Metre / 25 Auto Function Tape Measure supplied with 4 x AAA Batteries Heavy-duty composite case with rubber cover and belt clip. Nylon coated steel blade with metric imperial scales and snap length of two metres. Bu.

Open Frame Tape 50m Open frame robust. Imperial and metric. Open frame.

Sealey Measuring Jug Metal With Flexible Spout 1 Litre Handle for safe and easy (simple) pouring. Capacity (ability to contain) : 1 litre. p=73.53%

Sealey Measuring Tool Set 6pc Depth angle gauge. Outside callipers. Pocket rule with clip.

Sealey Mixture Measuring Jug 500ml Translucent measuring jug with 500ml capacity (ability to contain). Easy (simple) -to-read scale in litres. 5 litre. p=83.25%

Stanley Closed Case 30 Metre Fibre Glass Tape Measure Stanley Closed Case 30 Metre Fibre Glass Tape Measure, 94960

Stanley Digital Measuring Wheel Metal. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :bi-directional measurement (measures in either direction)automatic conversion of units of measurementstores upto 8 measurements in memoryauto power off after 2 minutes of suspended use manual power offheav p=85.50%

Stanley FatMax XL 8 Metre / 26 Feet Tape Measure Which makes measuring up on your own much easier. 10 times more abrasion resistance.

Stanley FatMax XL 8 Metre Tape Measure Metric Blade armor coated on the first 150 millimeter (mm) reduces the risk of breaking the tape by 95. Huge stand-out of almost 4mtrs for easy (simple) one person measuring. Blade width width 32 millimeter (mm) makes easy (simple) number reading. p=88.58%

Irwin Tape Measures Triple Pack And 3m (26'. 16' and 10'). Triple (threefold) pack of tapes with protouch finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - for comfort and 19mm wide acrylic coated.

Stanley 30m Long Tape Measure 30 metre measure with clear metric and imperial graduations on a easy (simple) clean surface.

ARCHITECT Tape 15m 03413 Extremely robust. Lightweight polyamide case measuring only 75 millimeter (mm) in diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) -. A quality measuring tool with an exclusive touch.

LTG Long Steel Tape 30m / 100ft Steel tape with strong steel blade end hook. Easy (simple) rewind. Tough.

Open Frame Tape 30m / 100ft Blade width: 13 millimeter (mm). English and metric markings.

Fibreglass Geared Tape 30m / 100ft Fibreglass blade. Which speeds up the winding in time considerably. Blade width: 13 millimeter (mm) (1 2 in).

Sylglas Waterproofing Tape 100mm x 4m The sylglas waterproofing tapes are self- adhesive (glue or paste used for sticking and holding materials). Greenhouses and cold frames.

Denso Tape 100mm x 10m Rolls The tape is non-hardening and non-cracking. It is highly resistant to mineral acids. Water v.

Bahco Open Reel Fibre Glass 30 Metre / 100 Feet Long Tape Measure

Bahco Fibre Glass Tape 30 Metre / 100 feet Long Tape Measure Metric imperial long tapes. Double (twin) nylon blade coating for additional wear resistance.

Micro Powerlock Tape 3m / 10ft & " ; the micro (extremely minute or small) powerlock tape has a mylar polyester film coated blade for durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay). And has a belt clip. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 3m 10ft.

TMC3ME Chrome Tri-matic Tape 3m / 10ft 13mm A positive action non-slip. Two-part blade lock and a belt clip. 3m (10 ft).

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