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Handyman Swiss Army Knife (Red) 1377300 A keyring. A wood saw. A fine screwdriver and pliers with wire cutters and a wire crimping tool.

Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife (Red) 1679500 A corkscrew. A fine screwdriver. A phillips screwdriver.

Safety Retractable Knife & " ; two position self-retracting mechanism ensures additional safe handling and reduces accidents. Lightweight. Includes one shatterproof irwin bi-metal blue safety blade.

Irwin ProTouch X Retractable Knife Durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) and convenience. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : Quick (fast) blade-change facility; retractable blade for safety; trigger grip for cutting on the pull; 3-step blade retraction; s

Knife Sharpener & " ; rollsharp knife sharpener with ceramic wheel. Safety hand guard and blade guide slot to make sharpening knives easy (simple) and very safe. For restoring the edge of any plain (not serrated) knives.

Hultafors Craftmans Stainless Steel Knife 93mm Blade This hultafors craftsman knife. Which has been developed and adapted to suitable (appropriate) the needs of craftsmen. A unique (incomparable) method for attaching the sheath around a button on work clothes means it does not loos.

Climber Swiss Army Knife (Black) 1370330 A reamer punch tool. 1 2in (inch) long. Colour: black.

Bi-Metal Trapezoid Knife Blades Pack of 100 Which can resist pressure applied from the side without snapping. The safest blade to use is generally a sharp one - as it takes less effort to cut. Heat treated to greater hardness for longer life and edge sharpness.

Stanley FatMax Retractable Twin Blade Knife It is Quick (fast) and easy (simple) to use with its instant blade-change button. The knife the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - rubberised sliders and a soft grip for comfortable use. & " ;.

Personna Auto Change Retractable Utility Knife + 3 Blades It has a metal handle with soft comfort grips. Carded with 3 blades.

Folding Utility Knife One-hand open close for fast. Easy (simple) access (the ability). Safety interlock mechanism ensures only 1 blade can be exposed at any one time.

Faithfull Retractable Blade Pocket Utility Knife Handy retractable sliding pocket knife with an easy (simple) blade change mechanism. Two preset blade depths.

Waiter Swiss Army Knife (Red) 0330300 Can opener. Tweezers and a toothpick. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 84 millimeter (mm) 3.

Draper Expert 600mm Windscreen Removal Knife For use on vehicles with deep dashboard or where bonding is out of reach to normal length tools. Supplied (to your designated address) with standard (established by authority) two notch t.

Fiskars Xsharp Axe & Knife Sharpener Fiskars xsharp offers an invaluable addition to anyone 8217;s garden toolkit with its easy (simple) portability and ambidextrous appeal. Its easy (simple) -to-use mechanism and tough ceramic grind stone cutting grooves ensure an optimal cutting edge and lifelong performance

Lino Knife The shaped beechwood handle has 3-rivets which hold it securely to the blade. England. Blade length: 75mm (3in) & " ;.

Pro Touch Auto Load Snap Off Knife 9mm It also the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a self-locking blade slider for fast adjustments. The pro-touch grip provides comfort and control. & " ;.

Bahco Better Lockable Folding Sports Knife with 3&quot Serrated Blade The bahco sports knives have a durable alumiunium handle. With stainless steel blades and mechanism. This avoids accidental folding.

Fiskars Garden Light Patio Knife 1.6 Metres Long Which reduce the back strain and make the garden work lighter. Blades.

Marshalltown Joint Knife 4&quot The plastic handle incorporates a hammer end and is fastened to the blade by a single rivet. The marshalltown m-t5743 joint knife has the following dimension (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are mentioned as follows) -.

Marshalltown M3508D Taping Knife 8In Durasoft Handle 8 inch x 3in. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). p=41.38%

Marshalltown M3510Ds Stainless Steel Knife C/Wdurasoft Handle Drywall taping knife with a stainless steel flexible blade and comfortable durasoft handle. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). 10in x 3in. p=82.18%

Marshalltown Stainless Steel Taping Knife 10 Light weight backing plate offers maximum usability. Stainless steel bladedurasoft handle aluminium backing plate stainless steel blade durasoft handle aluminium backing plate. Premium quality with tapered blade for running corners faster.

XN-200 Medium-Duty Craft Knife & " ; medium-duty craft knife. Designed for heavy paper and medium density materials. Blade type: xnb-205.

Milwaukee Fast Back Trimming Knife A tool free blade change allows for fast and efficient adjustments. While a thin body design (made) makes.

Hultafors Mineral Wool Knife 316mm Blade Mineral wool cutting knife with a 50 millimeter (mm) wide. Comfortable pp impact resistant plastic handle.

CK Non Retracting Trimming Knife with 10 Blades Heavy duty die cast aluminium handle with safety interlocking joint. String wire cutting notch for convenience.

NWS Cable Knife S-Type 1000V All-weather stainless steelinsulated handle protective cap for safe carryingimpact-resistant handle all-weather stainless steel insulated handle protective cap for safe carrying impact-resistant handle. With 50 millimeter (mm) blade. 8& " ; (203mm). p=91.51%

Snap Off Knife 18mm 10507580 Cartridge for storing 2 blades. In addition. & " ;.

Irwin 18mm Protouch Snap Off Knife Irwin pro touch snap off knife has a manual nose screw for increased security. It also the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - an auto-load blade mechanism. And the self locking blade slider ensures fast blade adjustments.

FatMax Snap Off Knife 18mm Blade wiper removes excess debris to prolong (lengthen time duration) the life of the blade. Removable blade snapper ensures faster and safer removal of a worn segment. Instant blade replacement.

FatMax Snap Off Knife 25mm Removable blade snapper ensures faster and safer removal of a worn segment. Cartridge holds up to 4 blades. Instant blade replacement.

Hultafors Universal Replacement Utility Knife Blades Pack of 100 Hultafors universal utility knife blades made from sk5 carbon steel. Hardened to 60-62 hrc. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for the ukz retractable utility knife.

Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blades Pack Of 100 Heavy-duty general purpose trimming knife blade. Pack of 100.

99E The Original Retractable Blade Knife & " ; grey painted die-cast metal body ergonomically shaped for a good. Interlock nose firmly secures blade into knife. Supplied (to your designated address) with 3 blades stored in the handle for safety and convenience.

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