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Classic - Alox Green Swiss Army Knife 06221L24NP All victorinox knives are made from first class stainless steel and are guaranteed against any defects in material and workmanship. Type: classic alox. Colour : alox green.

Classic SD - Translucent Red Swiss Army Knife 06223T5NP A nailfile with squared tip to use as a small screwdriver. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 58mm 2. & " ;.

XNS-100 Craft Knife Set Light-Med & " ; for a wide range (scope and variation) of cutting operations. Contains: 10 assorted (various kinds) blades. Xn100 and xn200 knives.

Stanley Cutter Utility Knife MPO 18mm Elastomer handled 18 millimeter (mm) utility knife for applications requiring a sharp blade. Snap-off blade to reveal a fresh cutting edge.

CK Dismantling Cable Knife 40mm Specially adapted for slitting the outer sheath of cables without damaging conductor insulation. Additional slim handle comes with an anti-slip guard.

Draper 100mm Soft Grip Putty Knife Draper 100 millimeter (mm) Soft Grip Putty Knife, 271569 p=82.35%

Draper 100 X Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blades Reversible polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) steel blades with accurately ground cutting edges.... p=79.78%

Draper 115mm Shoe Or Leather Knife Securely held to wood handle with two rivets. Flexible polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) steel blade. p=78.76%

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Draper Expert Fully Insulated VDE Cable Knife 180mm Tested to 10. 000v and insulated to 1000v ac and 1500v dc for live line working. Replaceable (can be replaced) blade 45 millimeter (mm) long with integral blade protector.

Draper 29 Piece Modellers Knife Kit Woodcarvers. Etc. Contents: 149 nbsp nbsp nbsp; 2 handle s (8 and 11mm diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - ) 149 nbsp nbsp nbspheavy duty. p=81.62%

Draper Expert Dual Edge Pocket Knife Expert (proficient) quality. Gardening and various general cutting applications. Reinforced nylon handle. p=91.18%

Draper Hacking Or Lead Knife Heavy polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) steel blade with broad striking back and cutting edge. Handle which is securely fixed with two rivets to the full length blade tang. p=86.73%

Draper Folding Trimming Knife Anodized body with safety locking mechanism and belt clip. Blade folds back into knife body for safety.

Draper Modelling Knife With 5 Blades Etching. Carving.

Draper Retractable Blade Trimming Knife & 5 Spare Blades Manufactured (made) from diecast zinc alloy with blue enamelled finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Retractable pattern complete with five blades. p=77.35%

Draper Slimline Pruning Knife Supplied (to your designated address) complete with 350mm long lanyard. Appropriate for general and gardening cutting applications. p=81.86%

Draper Wire Stripping Electricians Pocket Knife For wire stripping and various heavy duty cutting applications. Two wire strippers are located on the stainless steel spear blade. Not for use on live wires.

Dremel VersaTip Cutting Knife Tips Pack of 2 Cutting knives. For the dremel versatip 2000.

Dremel VersaTip Shaping Knife Tips Pack of 2 For the dremel versatip 2000. Shaping knives.

M3510D Taping Knife 10in - Durasoft Handle It has a comfortable durasoft handle. And is primarily used for smoothing jointing tape in drywall applications. Blued steel size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 250 x 75mm (10 x 3 in).

Heavy Duty Trimming Knife Blades of 100 In Plastic Dispencer The blades are designed to cut carpet. Cardboard. Leather and some softer plast.

Dynagrip Chisel Knife 25mm Stickers or adhesives. The blade is made of stainless steel which makes it easy (simple) -to-clean and keeps it rust-free. Blade width: 25 millimeter (mm) (1in).

Neverbend Edging Knife Scratches. Humidity and alkalines in the soil.

C.K Electricians Knife Finely ground blades for a clean cut. Anti-corrosive brass rivets and a notch for fast wire stripping.

Draper Expert 450mm Windscreen Removal Knife Expert (proficient) quality. Manufactured (made) from lightweight aluminium with integrated spare blade storage compartment. Supplied (to your designated address) with standard (established by authority) two notch t.

Faithfull Hacking Knife Rigid (hard) heavy-duty blade knife. Primarily designed for use with a hammer to remove old putty from window frames. Nbsp; 2 -part handle with nbsp3-rivet fixing. p=93.87%

Faithfull Lino Knife Hooked blade knife ideal (perfect of its kind) for making precise (exact) incisions into linoleum and other similar materials. The shaped beechwood handle has nbsp3-rivets which hold it securely to the blade. p=90.82%

Faithfull Marking Knife 7In 7in Marking knife this heavy-duty scoring knife the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a hardwood handle with a double (twin) riveted blade with a bevel edge on one side only to force the blade close to the straight edge in use as a guide.... p=82.00%

Faithfull Professional Chisel Knife 1.1/2In Featuring top quality through-tang polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) stainless steel blades and gardwood handle s. 1. 1 2in (inch) - 38 millimeter (mm). p=77.37%

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Twin Blade Knife Loads 2 blades at the same time allowing you to select the right blade for the job without having to change it. If cutting multiple materials you may need a hooked blade for one task and a heavy duty utility blade for another task ndash; this knife saves

Fein Concave Segment Cutting Knife G. Felt. Polystyrene.

Fein Convex Segment Cutting Knife 1 Per Pack Linoleum. Cardboard. Wire meshing.

Fein Flexible Stopping Knife To remove silicone and acrylic joints in sanitary areas as well as stickers....

Fein Rigid Stopping Knife For removing tough old lacquers. Carpeting. Tile adhesives and underseal coatings.

Fiskars Power Edging Knife 1.1 Metres Long For cutting turf to create a neat lawn edge. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- make light work of the toughest tasks- lightweight.

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