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P20 Gardening Knife - Pruning The folding blade is hook shaped. The plastic cover provides a comfortable grip.

Snub Nose Bi Metal Safety Knife Blades Pack of 50 & " ; snub nose blade design (made) helps to reduce the risk of accidental puncture wounds. Qty: 50. & " ;.

Personna Smart Edge Folding Utility Knife + 1 Blade American line 650200 smartedge folding utility knife has an aluminium cut away handle. It has a blade release button.

Draper 3 Piece Decorators Knife Set Ideal (perfect of its kind) set for decorating tasks. Contents: 32 millimeter (mm) chisel knife. 50 millimeter (mm) scraper and 75mm filling knife.

Kamasa 15 Piece Hobby Knife Set These knives are comfortable and easy (simple) to use. Complete with 12 assorted (various kinds) blades.

PL21 Utility Knife & Plier Holder All rivet construction. Slots to fit 2 in wide belt. Fits most standard (established by authority) utility style trim knives and pliers.

Plasterers Taping Knife Specially designed tool for finishing off the taped joints between sheets of plasterboard.

Personna Pro Folding Pocket Utility Knife + 6 Blades Personna 630221 folding pocket knife that folds to a small pocket size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and opens to full size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) with a soft comfort grip. It has a Quick (fast) release button to allow fast blade changes.

Folding Pocket Knife Epoxy coated. Metal body. Supplied (to your designated address) with 2 x 5901 blades.

Victorinox Pocket Pal Red Swiss Army Knife 2 Functions 0690000 Functions:- Large blade- Small blade...

Sealey Pocket Knife Locking with Quick Release Blade Anodized handle fitted with positive lock to prevent blade holder folding in use. Supplied (to your designated address) with belt clip.

Pro Touch Retractable Blade Knife Hardwearing aluminium body with 6x longer life. With thicker walls in areas of Greatest wear e. G.

Rst Soft Touch Putty Knife Flex 2&quot This r. Flexible blade.

Rst Soft Touch Putty Knife Flex 4&quot This r. T putty knife is a drywall lining tool.

Farmer - Red Swiss Army Knife 0824126NP Length : 93mm. Colour : silver ribbed alox.

CyberTool 34 Swiss Army Knife (Translucent Red) 17725 In addition. Ph2 bit. Punch and sewing eye.

Facom 9mm Automatic Reload Snap-Off Utility Knife + 2 Blades The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- Snap-off blades- Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) soft ABS handle- Stainless steel blade guide- Automatic blade lock- 2 spare blades- Integral blade snapperSpecifications:

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Glass Removal Knife This glass removal knife is used for the safe and easy (simple) removal of windscreens and glass from vehicles attached by adhesives.

Retractable Blade Knife 0-10-707 & " ; retractable blade knife. Simple and comfortable shape. & " ;.

Bahco Good Retractable Blade Utility Knife with Twist Screw Full aluminium body. Blade change is available via the turning screw and the magnetic (properties of magnet) blade holder ensures easy (simple) blade changing.

XP Heavy-Duty Retractable Blade Knife A heavy-duty all metal bodied knife with a one-piece nose to prevent blade slippage. Tool free blade changing. Supplied (to your designated address) with 1 x irwin blue bi-metal blade.

Stanley FatMax Retractable Folding Knife This stanley fatmax retractable knife is appropriate for various cutting applications. Retractable and easily changeable blades.

Sealey Heavy Duty Retractable Self Loading Utility Knife + 5 Blades Zinc-alloy handle with rubber comfort grip and steel reinforced blade holder. Retracts and can be secured in any position with locking screw.

Retractable Hi-Vis Knife Strong Aluminium Body Wrap-over Tip design (made) Heavy Duty Blade Length: 145mm Integral Blade Storage Hanging Hole

Rst Soft Touch Putty Knife Flex 1.1/4&quot This r. 2cm (1.

Rst Soft Touch Taping Knife 10&quot This r. S.

Stanley 2 Hand Wood Saws 500mm with Utility Knife & 5 Metre Tape Measure A knife and a tape. Easier cutti.

Sealey 16Mm Air Knife Blade Offset Blade for wk025 air knife. Also fits other popular brands of air knife. Type: offsetlength: 16 millimeter (mm). p=92.38%

Sealey 35Mm Air Knife Blade Flat Serrated Type: flat serratedlength: 35 millimeter (mm). Also fits other popular brands of air knife. p=89.53%

Sealey 36Mm Air Knife Blade Undercut Type: undercutlength: 36 millimeter (mm). Blade for wk025 air knife.

Sealey 57Mm Air Knife Blade Offset Straight Type: offset straightlength: 57mm. Also fits other popular brands of air knife.

Sealey Air Knife Quickly and easily cuts windscreen bonding. A wide range (scope and variation) of. p=83.33%

Sealey Safety Knife Auto Retracting Zinc alloy die-cast handle with contoured grip and hanging hole. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - auto retracting blade which prevents inadvertent exposure of cutting edge and subsequent injury damage. Length: 1. p=82.46%

2 Piece Mini Foldable Knife Set Two mini utility knives with a Quick (fast) -change blade mechanism. Great for keeping on your keyring. The knives fold down to only 60 millimeter (mm) in size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and the pack includes 10 spare blades (also for sale separately).

Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener The blades in gerber knives and multi-tools are engineered from high quality stainless steel that excels at edge retention. For those occasions.

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