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Stanley Skeleton Liner Lock Knife Liner lock positive locking action. Stainless steel rust free.

Stanley Liner Lock Utility Knife + Karabiner Knife Liner Lock with Karabiner titanium (lustrous, very hard and resistant to corrosion) coated blade edge for long lasting sharpness Mode from 440C stainless steel rust free and durable Liner lock gives positive locking actionThumb knob for easy (simple) opening Karabiner clip for easy (simple) sto p=85.66%

Stanley Titan Fb Trim Knife 1 10 550 Complete with three heavy-duty blades and polypropylene protective holster. Easy (simple) blade change using solid (firm and hard) brass notched wheel. p=90.32%

Stanley 5905 (50) Knife Blades Lg Curv. 1 11 115 Bulk pack of 50 blades. Loose wrapped in fives.

Facom Multi Purpose Knife Includes:- A horizontal leather pouch - for unimpeded movement...

Stanley Titan Rb H/D Trim Knife Carded 2 10 122 Will accept the majority of trimming knife blades. For use with carpets.

Bahco Garden Knife 180mm Stainless steel blade ideal (perfect of its kind) for general use. Very flat design (made) to slip into your pocket. p=83.81%

Stanley Folding Pocket Knife 0 10 598 Attractive. Epoxy coated die-cast metal body folding pocket knife.

Stanley Quick Change Knife Quick (fast) change blade system via a simple pressure on the yellow button. The 8 blade storage holder is accessible without tools. p=96.53%

Stanley FatMax XTREME Aluminium Retractable Utility Knife The stanley 10-819 xtreme retractable knife has a die-cast aluminium housing combines maximum strength with amazing lightweight properties. Secure handling.

Knipex 180mm Insulated Cable Knife Sold loose. Expert (proficient) quality. p=78.26%

Stanley Snap Off Blade Knife 0 10 018 Patented (exclusive right) wedge lock action holds blade securely in position. Simple finger screw m. p=88.17%

QuickSlide Sports Knife Stainless steel serrated blade. Both blades cannot be deployed at the same time. Quick (fast) blade-change mechanism durable zinc blade slider Quick (fast) blade-change mechanism durable zinc blade slider. p=94.03%

Stanley 18mm Mpo Snap Off Knife Carded 0 10 418 Screw clamp locking device ensures security of blade during use. Blade size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). (snap off t. p=79.15%

Stanley Sport Quickslide Utility Knife with Blades Ideal (perfect of its kind) for cutting string. Eas. p=69.05%

Bahco Sqz150003 Squeeze Knife Professional squeeze knife including 6 blades. Press the black button to release the squeeze lever.

Skeleton Liner Lock Knife Liner lock strong positive locking action. Designed for general purpose and light-duty applications.

Quick Change Knife One-button blade-change mechanism. 8-blade storage in body. Bi-material body bi-material body.

Stanley 5192(100) Knife Blade Concave 1 11 952 Concave blade ideally shaped for precise (exact) cutting out where accuracy is important. G. Pack qty. p=94.95%

Stanley 9.5mm Mpo Snap Off Knife Carded 0 10 409 Stainless steel barrel with grey dynagrip soft touch polypropylene grip offers a strong. Light and comfortable knife for general purpose use. Screw clamp locking device ensures security of blade during use.

Stanley FatMax Retractable Blade Knife The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Comes with 5 new FatMax Blades- Push n Slide instant blade change- Blade clamp for heavy duty applications- Push button blade door release for Quick (fast) and easy (simple) blade change- Auto rise blade storag p=83.25%

Stanley FatMax Snap Off Knife 25mm -& & ; & ; & ; & ;nbspBlade wiper removes excess debris to prolong (lengthen time duration) the life of the knife-& & ; & ; & ; & ;nbspRemovable blade snapper ensures faster and safer removal of a worn segment-& & ; p=67.53%

Victorinox Alox Farmer Silver Swiss Army Knife 9 Functions The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Large blade- Reamer- Can Opener with Small Screwdriver- Bottle Opener with Screwdriver & & ; & ; & ; Wire Stripper- Wood saw- keyring specifications :Layers - 3Size - 93mmColour - Silv p=76.65%

Bahco 3 in 1 Curved Blade Wrecking Knife The bahco curved blade wrecking knife doubles as a heavy-duty wrecking knife and a 25 millimeter (mm) chisel in one. It the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a curved knuckle protector which works as a lever for hard work. This knife is.

Facom Retractable Blade Safety Knife The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Safety knife with auto retracting blade- supplied (to your designated address) with 3 blades... p=60.00%

Facom Twin Blade Electricians Toucan Knife The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Hollow ground blade for additional sharpness- double (twin) lock for increased safety- General purpose and cable blades... p=71.39%

Stanley Folding Pocket Utility Knife with Wooden Handle The stanley 0-10-073 folding pocket knife has an attractive wooden handle and a stainless steel folding mechanism. Which offers durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) as well as resistance to rust and corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion). The knife can be conveniently f

Irwin Safety Knife Blades Pack of 50 10505824 Irwin Safety Knife Blades Pack of 50 10505824, 355784

Hacking Knife & " ; the hacking knife the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - a heavy steel cutting blade with a broad back for striking applications. Can be struck with a hammer to remove old putty form window frames. England.

Sealey Pocket Knife Locking Supplied (to your designated address) with high quality stainless steel blade. Blade locks open for safe use. p=81.63%

Stanley 5901 (50) Knife Blades Str´Ght 1 11 221 General purpose. Qty. 50.

Stanley FatMax Utility Trimming Knife Blade Pack of 100 The sharpest. Longest lasting stanley blade ever.

Victorinox Alox Classic Pink Swiss Army Knife 7 Functions The ultimate multi tool. Functions:- blade- nailfile with nai.

Victorinox Forester Black Lock Blade Swiss Army Knife 11 Functions 083633 Functions:- Large lock blade- Corkscrew- Can opener with Small screwdriver - Cap lifter with Screwdriver & & ; Wire stripper- Punch & & ; Reamer- Key ring- Tweezers- Toothpick- WoodsawSize:111mm... p=94.03%

Victorinox Pruning Knife Red Nylon Handle 5cm. The handle is made of nylon.

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