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JG Hand Tight Flexible Hose 15mm x BSP 300m Pack of 2 Hand tight flexible hose 15mm x BSP 300 millimeter (mm) Hand Tightened White Flexible Hose 15x1/2& " ; 300 millimeter (mm) Long easy (simple) To InstallVery FlexibleHand Tightened Nut No Tools Required * Hand Tightened White Flexible Hose 15x1/2& " ; 300 mi p=82.82%

Karcher 10m Reinforced Extension Hose For HD & HDS Pressure Washers 5 union at both ends. Appropriate for commercial hd hds machines shown below:cold water pressure washershd 5 11 chd 5 12 c plushd 6 13 c plus. Extends standard (established by authority) high pressure hose by 10 metres for hd hds machines. p=89.87%

Karcher Surface Pump Adaptor to Allow Fitting of 1/2&quot Garden Hose Basic pump connector kit...

Layflat Hose 25mm Bore x 10 Metres Long Blue Hose for the delivery of water. Appropriate for use with subersimble water pumps and other such applications. p=91.56%

Layflat Hose 25mm Bore x 25 Metres Long Blue The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- medium duty- easy (simple) to handle. Store transport- light in weight - psi 43 bar 3- temperature range (scope and variation) is -1. p=66.28%

Metal Heavy Duty Hose Hanger A top quailty hanger for use at home or for the professional the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- Holdsup to 60m (200ft) of 1/2& & ; & ; & ; & ; & ; & & ; & ;quot; ( 13 millimeter (mm) p=64.44%

Rehau 50M Hose Reel A practical and sturdy storage product for any garden. Easily portable (easily carried) this light weight metal cart holds up tp 50 metres of 1 2in (inch) hose. p=89.77%

Rehau Green Lawn Hose 30 Metre 098928 Greater kink resistance. 18 braid reinforcement yet light weight construction. Bore size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 1 2inlength: 30metres. p=81.85%

Sealey Air Leader Hose 600mm x Ø10mm with Tail Piece & 1/4&quotBSP Union Length: 600mmbore: 10 millimeter (mm) (3 8 " ). Avoids vibration damage to couplings. p=86.23%

Sealey Air Leader Hose 600mm x Ø8mm with Tail Piece & 1/4&quotBSP Union Avoids vibration damage to couplings. Length: 600mmbore: 8 millimeter (mm) (5 16 " ). p=83.24%

Sealey Coiled Air Hose 5 Metre Ø5Mm With Couplings Polyurethane recoil type hose helps to keep working area tidy and free of hoses when not in use. Length: 5mtrfittings: Quick (fast) releasebore : 5 millimeter (mm). p=90.51%

Sealey Exhaust & Hose Clamp Pliers Ideal (perfect of its kind) for citroen. Opens exhaust hose clamps quickly and easily. p=84.21%

Sealey Hose Clamp Pliers - Clic Compatible Special jaws allow the change from fit to remove (and back again) simply by turning the pliers over in your hand. Pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) -dipped handle s for improved grip and comfort. Len. p=92.86%

Sealey Hose Pinch Tool Metal Bar Type - Brake/Fuel Hoses Appropriate for both brake and fuel lines. Simple. Yet effective. p=88.37%

Sealey MIG Gas Hose Adaptor 1.5mtr Convert the small-bore hosing (normally Ø 4 millimeter (mm) OD) found on portable (easily carried) MIGs for use with industrial size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) gas regulators and cylinders.... p=74.74%

Sealey Retractable Air Hose Reel 12mtr Ø8mm ID Polyurethane Hose Supplied (to your designated address) with swivel mounting bracket for fixing to wall or ceiling. Sa90hose length: 12mtrhose. p=87.72%

Sealey Tyre Pressure Gauge with Tyre Tread Depth Gauge Flexi Hose Robust gauge with protective rubber bumper reading up to 8bar (120psi). Integral colour coded measurement tyre depth gauge.

Festool D36/32 x 3.5m Suction Hose for CT AC Dust Extractors For masonry renovation and cleaning workconicaltemperature-resistant to 70 ctechnical datableeder resistor (din iec 312) 1 m mdiameter 36 32 mmlength 3. 5 m.

Trend Hose 58mm X 1.5 Metre T30 (Dust Extractor-T30 / T30 Accessories) Dimension (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are mentioned as follows) - :length - 1. 5m diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - - 58mmplease note (additional information) that prices in the trend catalogue download. If shown below. p=57.79%

Trend Hose Bayonet 35mm Od X 27mm Id (Dust Extraction Accessories / Connectors) If shown below. As those listed in the catalogue are trend li.

Sealey Green High Visibility 20 Metre x Ø10mm Air Hose with 1/4&quotBSP Unions Cut into pre-set lengths and fitted with 1 4 quotbsp female swivel unions on both ends. Guaranteed silicon-free for us.

Draper Air Line Hose 1/4&quot BSP 10mm Bore x 20 Metre / 64 Feet

Karcher Karcher 6.390-025.0 10m High Pressure Hose With AVS Gun Connector A 10 metre high pressure hose from karcher. Hds and hds-e models.

2485 Mini Auto Reel Retractable Hose System with 10 Metres of Hose The user only has to walk the hose back to the reel and the ratchet mechanism means that the hose only re-winds when you want it to. To allow the hose to be pulled out in any direction from the wall. & " ;.

10 Metre Anti Kink Nylon Recoil Air Hose Red Work stations etc. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- anti kink- made from nylon for more robust use - keeps hose off the floor- tidy when not in use - convenient for the operator the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - p=72.13%

Draper 10 Metre x 10mm Acetylene Hose Manufactured (made) in accordance with bs iso3821. 730 and 1256.

Karcher HDS 6/10 C Commercial Compact Hot Water & Steam Pressure Washer 30 - 100 Bar 2900w 110v with FREE Hose Reel Worth £223 Compact (small in size) 110v (volts) hot water high-pressure cleaner with eco efficiency mode ensuring environmentally friendly and economical operation. The tilting aid and large robust wheels allow.

2414 Compact Reel + 25 Metres of 11.5 mm Hose & " ; this hozelock compact (small in size) reel is enclosed to protect against wear and tear. A folding carry handle ensures the reel is fully portable (easily carried) and the design (made) means that they are easy (simple) for the consumer to assemble and use. The mo

CK Brass Male & Female Hose Connectors for 12.5mm (1/2&quot) Hose Pipes Easy (simple) to use pull release mechanism. Secure screw down hose connection.

7215 Maxi Plus Garden Hose 15 Metre 12.5mm Diameter & " ; the hozelock maxi plus hose is a good quality general purpose braided hose. The hose has four layers. A thick pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) layer to add strength.

Gardena 20 Metre Classic Skintech Hose Pipe 12.5mm (1/2&quot) + Connectors The classic skintech hose is best suited for moderate use. This coating allows especially good gliding properties without troublesome twisting and kinking of the hose.

Hozelock 30 Metre Maxi Pro Reinforced Hose Pipe Starter 12.5mm (1/2&quot) with Hose Nozzle & Connectors The hose has five layers. A foamed pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) layer which gives ultimate flexibility without kinking and makes the hose light and soft. A knitted polyester layer to sto.

WRAS Hose 22mm x 3/4in x 1500mm x 13mm Appropriate for drinking water. Epdm rubber inner tube.

Hozelock Starter Hose 15m x " (13mm) Reinforced. Anti-kink outer layer. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : 3-layer reinforced hose; tough; kink-free outer layer; 10 year manufacturer's guarantee (assurance).

Hozelock Starter Hose 30m x " (13mm) Reinforced. Hardwearing hose with a tough. 10 year manufacturer's guarantee (assurance).

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