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Roughneck Double Ended Scutch Hammer 567g / 20oz The double (twin) sided one piece scutch holder. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for all types of stone dressing. The double (twin) ends makes it ideal (perfect of its kind) to have two sized scutch combs attached for different work sur.

Blue Strike Claw Hammer 570g (20oz) & " ; the curved claw head is made from forged. Oil and most solvents. Weight 570g (1 1 4 lb) & " ;.

ST1 Steelmaster Claw Hammer 570g (20oz) A seamless. Oval tubular steel shaft provides strength and balance and the vinyl (polyvinyl - plastic or synthetic resin) soft-grip Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) handle gives comfort and grip in use. Weight 570g (1 1 4 lb) & " ;.

DeWalt D25501-GB 5kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 230V High performance. Weight 6.

222 Copper / Rawhide Hammer Size 5 (70mm) 5000g Soft-faced hammer for automotive and general engineering applications in assembly. 4 size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) hammer has a slip-on handle - all other dimensions ( size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and measurement in length, width and thickness of this pro

Draper DIY Dead Blow Hammer 600g / 21oz High quality sbr material which is oil and cold resistant. The hollow head has steel particles which prevents rebound.

Britool 600g Interchangeable Tip Hammer 330mm Interchangeable tip hammersFeatures:- Head in zinc-plated steel alloy- Wood handle- 2 Nylon tipsSpecifications: diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - : 40mmLength: 330mmWeight: 600g...

Hultafors T Block Combination Hammer Medium 650g The head is filled with small steel bearings to cushion the shock and reduce recoil. The shaft is made from steel with an ergonomically desig.

616 Rubber Hammer Set 50mm (2 in) 680g These are specifically designed for use on woodwork. An ideal (perfect of its kind) hammer set available in 3 dimensions (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are) each with different weights. Weight 680g (1 1 2lb).

DeWalt D25601K-GB 6kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 230V Combined with low weight. Impact rate 1430-2840bpm. 110v (volts) version includes plug.

DeWalt D25123K-LX 2.6kg SDS Plus Hammer Drill 110V Outstanding durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) from superior dust seals. Wood 30mm. Weight 2.

Bostitch Hammer Tacker & Holster 6 - 10mm Staple Capacity H30-8d6-e hammer tacker:designed with Quick (fast) -load magazine and tool-free jam clearing. Roofing paper and moisture wrap.

Festool QUADRILL PD 20/4 E FFP-Set Hammer Drill 705w 240v + Systainer Box With this the drill can be retrofitted to various functions in an instant and without using tools and thus becomes a drill. Angle drill.

Ryobi ERH710RS SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Mode 710w 240v The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :Rotation stop for light chisellingHammer stop for drilling and driving applicationsSafety clutch to protect operator if bit jamsOvermould variable speed triggerLivetool IndicatorGripZoneIncludes:Auxiliary...

1212 Deadblow Nylon Hammer 38mm 750g Shopfitting. Replacement faces are available. & " ;.

No Nonsense Hammer Finish Paint Hammered Black 750ml Inhibits rust formation and camouflages surface imperfections scratches. Giving a long lasting high gloss finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - to metal surfaces.

Skil Masters 1758 MC SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 750w 110v Skil masters rotary hammers are no-nonsense hammers ranging from 2 kilogram (kg) 2-function to 4 kilogram (kg) 4-function models. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - benefits: bull effective pneumatic hammer mechanism bull 3-fu.

Sealey Premier Air Hammer Kit with Chisels Medium Stroke Low Vibration 7cfm Almost half the vibration level of a traditional low cost air hammer. Heat treated alloy st.

Fibreglass-Handled Sledge Hammer 7lb Fibreglass handle with hardened and tempered steel head. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : forged carbon steel head.

Machine Mart Xtra DeWalt D25123K 800W 26mm SDS+ Hammer Drill (110V) The powerful (having great power) 800w motor means that this drill operates at an impressive 1150rpm (maximum) and produces up to 4300 blows per minute when required. Featuring variable speed control. The d25123k from dewalt is a high performance all rounder at a great price.

Hammer Screw Fixings Box 100 M8 x 80 Benefits include flush surface fixing and a nylon sleeve which enhances the effective life span. The screw can be subsequently unscrewed from its sleeve. & " ;.

Hultafors Carpenters Claw Hammer Extra Large Handle 810g 20oz Forged in one piece for increased durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) with a vibration damping urethane plug. Strong claw for easy (simple) access (the ability) without leaving marks. The claw opening and angle give the best po.

Club Hammer 1.81kg (4 lb) Fibreglass Handle Solid (firm and hard) core fibreglass handle with polypropylene jacket. Unique (incomparable) treble injected pte soft-grip handle for comfort during use and reduced fatigue. Weight 1810g (4 lb) & " ;.

714N Nylon Hammer 44mm Plastic Handle 850g Furniture. Shopfitting. Double (twin) glazing and injection moulding operations.

Sealey Lightweight Stubby Claw Hammer 8oz Drop-forged steel one-piece hammer. Magnetic (properties of magnet) nail pin driver. Weight: 225g(8oz)length: 165mm.

Sealey 3/8&quot Square Drive Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench 7cfm Alloyed metals and twin (double) hammer design (made) result in a lightweight. Soft grip handle with downward facing exhaust make this wrench comfortable on the hands and ears and limits the.

Rawlplug Hammer-In Insulation Fixings with Nylon Pin 10 x 90mm Pack of 250 Plastic hammer-in fixings with nylon pin. Mineral fibre. Lamella and recycled panels.

912 Super Plastics Hammer Wood Handle Size 2 (38mm) 790g Splinter or delaminate. Repair and maintenance operations as an alternative to a rawhide faced hammer. Weight 790g (1 3 4lb).

914 Super Plastics Hammer Wood Handle Size 3 (44mm) 1300g Durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) and high abrasive (used for cleaning, smoothing, grinding and polishing) resistance. The faces will not fracture. & " ;.

Facom Monobloc Steel Dead Blow Hammer 950g The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- Steel-ball dead-blow design (made) - Polyurethane encapsulated steel body and handle- Shore hardness D63 on striking faces- Ergonomic ( design (made) ed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) pvc (

Hultafors T Block Ball Pein Hammer Large 950g The t block ball pein hammer is an ergonomically designed hammer That increases precision and reduces strain. The counterweight in The handle impedes rotation. Th.

Britool 350mm Din Hammer with Ash Handle 960g Din hammerFeatures:- Head hardness 50-58 HRC- Ash handle- Conical wedgingSpecifications:Height: 33mmLength: 350mmWeight: 960g...

Air Hammer & Chisels Appropriate for removing car body panels. Air hammer set with retaining spring and the 4 most popular chisels. p=93.75%

Claw Hammer 454g (16oz) One-Piece All Steel All-steel curved claw hammer highly polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) of a one-piece construction. Fitted with a moulded vinyl (polyvinyl - plastic or synthetic resin) grip that is bonded to the hammer shaft for cushioning and user comfort.

FatMax Anit Vibe AVX Curve Claw Hammer 570g 20oz A one piece solid (firm and hard) forged curved claw head for a larger sweet spot and better balance and a Patented (exclusive right) tuning fork design (made) plus 24 torque stabilising bars to reduce shock and vibration travelling up the arm. Magnetic (properties of magnet) nail starter for han

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