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Metabo KHE 3251 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 3 Function 800w 240v The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :- appropriate for bits and accessories (supplementary parts) with SDS-plus shank end or cylindrical shaft (without impact)- Metabo VibraTech (MVT): reduced vibration levels and therefore less impact on joints due to

Britool E150302B - 32mm Interchangeable Tip Hammer Britool 32 millimeter (mm) interchangeable tip hammer. Where the risk of damage must be nil.

Ball Pein Hammer 340g (3/4lb) Precision ground with hardened striking faces to withstand the rigours of all metal working applications. Fitted with a traditional hickory handle. Weight: 340g (3 4lb) & " ;.

412 Plastic Hammer 38mm 675g & " ; thor nylon hammers have a choice of plastic grip or wooden handles with chrome (chromium-plated) plated zinc heads with nylon faces. Available in 6 different weights. Injection moulding dies etc.

RH150 Split Head Hammer Hide Size 2 (38mm) 900g Multi purpose soft-faced hammer in most industries for assembly. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) : 2. Diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - : 38 millimeter (mm) (1 1 2 in).

Britool 1.3kg Dead Blow Hammer 370mm Dead-blow hammerFeatures:- Anti-static SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber)- Steel balls enable dead-blow action- Anti vibration- Head hardness shore A80-90- Fixed handle: one-pieceSpecifications: diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - : 54mmLe...

EMRW3lb Surestrike Drilling Hammer 1.3kg (3lb) Surestrike drilling hammer with a hickory shaft. Weight 1360g (3 lb)

EB3/3LB Club Hammer - Vinyl Grip 1.3kg (3lb) The proper tool for driving hardened nails and cold chisels. One-piece steel hammer with a handle grip made from liquid vinyl (polyvinyl - plastic or synthetic resin) which is bonded on to shaft during production. Weight 1360g (3lb).

Sealey Aluminium Extension Combination Ladder Single / 2 Section / 3 Section Plus FREE Hammer Drill Worth £32.95 Multi-use aluminium extension ladder manufactured (made) to en 131 standards. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for the tradesman. Which is ideal (perfect of its kind) for two-man use.

Metal Paint Hammer 400 ml & " ; Quick (fast) and easy (simple) to use. Rust resistant. Hammer paint offers a decorative.

408 Plastic Hammer 25mm 250g Wooden Handle Partitioning. Injection moulding dies etc. Weight 250g (1 2lb).

410 Plastic Hammer 32mm 450g The faces are designed to wear and are replaceable (can be replaced) by hand. Double (twin) glazing. Tho412.

Graphite Shaft Club Hammer 1250g (44oz) & " ; a graphite shafted club hammer. That provides excellent vibration dampening. Weight: 1250g (2 3 4 lb) & " ;.

Hammer Non Metallic Brown Nubuck Boot Size 10 - 44 The DeWalt Hammer safety boots are lightweight and Non metalic with a Brown Nu-buck upper and anti bacterial in-sole with dual (double) density seat region for shock absorption Other safety the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - include: 200 Joule compos

CK Avit Fibre Glass Claw Hammer 450g / 16oz Tough fibreglass damage resistant handle. Shock absorbing non-slip grip for additional safety.

Fibreglass Curved Claw Hammer 450g (16oz) & " ; stanley curved class hammer with a heat treated forged high carbon steel curved claw head which is fully polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) and rim tempered for durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) and safety. Secure grip. &am

EMR16C Surestrike All Steel Curved Claw Hammer 450g (16oz) & " ; surestrike hammer with a specially designed curved claw head. Smooth face. A steel shaft and injection moulded grip.

FatMax XL AVX Curve Claw Hammer 450g 16oz The one-piece solid (firm and hard) forged head gives a larger sweet spot and better balance. It also incorporates a magnet nail starter for hands-free use. The soft-grip handle reduces fatigue and allows for multiple holding positions.

E3/16C Curved Claw Hammer - Vinyl Grip 450g 16oz & " ; the handle grip. Finest finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - and is made of high quality steel. Weight 450g (1 lb) & " ;.

Machine Mart Xtra Facom 1261H.450SR 63.5mm Non-Sparking Club Hammer These lsquo;explosion proof rsquo;. Manufacture and made of explosives plus many more.

Blocking Hammer 454g (16oz) Hickory handle. Weight: 450g (1 lb). & " ;.

Joiners Hammer 454g (16oz) This well balanced hammer allows maximum use for all types of carpenters fixings. Weight: 450g (1 lb).

Ball Pein Hammer 454g (16oz) Fibreglass Handle Epoxy bonded for added strength. It has a solid (firm and hard) core fibreglass handle with polypropylene jacket. Weight 450g (1 lb) & " ;.

CK High Visibility Steel Claw Hammer 454g / 16oz Thick walled high strength steel shaft fitted with high visibility coloured grip. Black painted head and shaft with polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) and lacquered striking face.

Bosch GBH 8-45 DV 8kg SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill with AVH 1500w 240v Developed for the toughest drilling and chiselling applications in concrete and stone. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - benefits: bull top performance when drilling and chisel.

Ball Pein Hammer 113g (4oz) & " ; universal engineers metal working hammer. Manufactured (made) in accordance to bs876. Weight 113g (1 4lb) & " ;.

Draper 4 Piece Demolition Hammer & Bar Set Kit comprising (included) of sledge hammer. Polished (finish is made glossy and smooth).

Sealey Copper Faced Hickory Shaft Hammer 4.3lb Malleable. Replacement copper faces available. 3lb).

DH24PC3 SDS Plus Hammer Drill 3 Mode 2.4 Kg 240 Volt & " ; 3-mode (rotary and hammer drilling plus hammer only for light chiseling) action hammer drill with the following the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows -. Reversible. Depth stop.

Steelmaster Brick Hammer 500g (18oz) & " ; a brick hammer with a tubular steel shaft. Light but strong. The head is manufactured (made) from heat treated carbon steel and has a sharp chisel edge for cutting bricks and slate.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - 500g Slide Hammer For Glue Pads For use with the power-tec glue puller system. This 500g slide hammer comes with suction cups to be used with the glue dent extractors. To gently pull and lever out dents in bodywork without damaging the paintwork further.

1616 Deadblow Nylon Hammer 50mm 1250g Toolmaking. Partitioning and double (twin) glazing. Diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - 50 millimeter (mm) (2 in).

716N Nylon Hammer 50mm Plastic Handle 1230g Tho720. All have two white nylon faces except tho710r and tho712r which have one white nylon and one soft grey face. Furniture.

EMRW20LM Surestrike Framing Hammer Milled Face 560g (20oz) & " ; surestrike straight claw framing hammer with a hickory. Longer length handle. Weight 570g (1 1 4 lb) milled face & " ;.

Claw Hammer 567g (20oz) Anti-Shock Hardened and tempered. Fully polished (finish is made glossy and smooth) head and handle for extreme strength. Magnetic (properties of magnet) nail holder for single-handed operation in hard to reach places.

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