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Draper 1200 - 6000 Psi Air Grease Gun Pistol-type. Single shot gun appropriate for agricultural. Filler pump and bulk. p=90.80%

Rocol Sapphire 1 Bearing Grease 400G Fully automatic contain s sapphire grease 1. 3. 6 and 12 month lubrication intervalseasy to install temperature range (scope and variation). p=88.89%

Draper Air Grease Gun Pistol-type. Continuous flow version appropriate for agricultural. Accepts bulk or standard (established by authority) 400g grease cartridges. p=82.31%

Makita P-08361 SDS Hammer Grease 30g A small amount on an sds drill (In our listed range of hand tools, you can choose between a wired and cordless drill according to your requirement) bit will extend the life of an sds chuck. Significantly prolonging tool life. p=65.52%

Rocol 12176 Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease 5Kg Triple (threefold) life bearing grea. Appropriate for all types of ball. p=77.04%

Sealey Cordless Grease Gun Developing 6000psi. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for in-field lubrication where power and speed are required. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - lcd battery condition indicator (directing device). p=67.53%

3-in-1 Oil Pro Anti-Seize Copper Grease Protects against seizure. 300ml.

DEB DEB Swarfega Oil & Grease Remover - 5litre Apply oil. Grease remover to stain with brush or through a pressure washer.

Draper 100Cc Mini Double Action Grease Gun Recreational and automotive vehicles. Useful tool for greasing garden machinery.

Draper 130cc Pistol Type Grease Gun Threaded 1 8 " bspt. Zinc plated body with spring primed piston and air release valve complete with delivery tube and hydraulic connector. p=97.24%

Draper 500cc Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun Medium or heavy grease for agricultural. Automotive or industrial applications.

Draper 500cc Lever Grease Gun Side lever action. Appropriate for grease cartridge loading. Threaded 1 8 " bspt. p=85.88%

Draper 50 Assorted BSPT Grease Nipples Manufactured (made) from en-1a steel with profiles to bs. Sae. Display packed in plastic storage case. p=94.47%

Rocol Foodlube High Temp Grease 380G Rocol foodlube hi-temp grease 2 is a white. Roller and plain bearings. Slides and bushes operating at high temperatures in food.

Lumatic 555S L´Weight One Hand Lever Grease Gun Rigid (hard) tube and hydraulic connector for bulk filling. Light weight lever type grease gun with a delivery tube which can be rotated through 360 and is designed to be use d one handed. p=94.99%

Rocol 12171 Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease 400G Sapphire bearing grease sapphire 2:revolutionary Triple (threefold) life bearing grease that offers excellent load carrying and corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistance properties. Roller and plain bearings. Triple (threefold) life bearing grea. p=87.34%

Rocol 12251 Sapphire Aqua-Sil´Grease 85G Tube Sapphire aqua-sil also offers good resistance to chemicals. Oils. Water an.

Rocol 12253 Sapphire Aqua-Sil´Grease 500G Tin Oils. Sapphire aqua-sil also offers good resistance to chemicals.

Rocol 12751 Sapphire Aqua 2 Grease 380G Sapphire aqua 2:sapphire aqua 2 is a soap thickened grease designed to give superior resistance to water washout. Sapphire aqua 2 gives exceptional corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) protection and long term lubrication for bearings operating in water or exposed to c. p=94.00%

Rocol 34305 Sapphire Spray Grease - 400Ml Temperature range (scope and variation) -50 to 200 c size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 400ml. High performance grease in convenient aerosol form. p=74.33%

Sealey Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill 3-way fill with cartridge. Supplied (to your designated address) with Rigid (hard) extension tube and push-on hydraulic 4-jaw coupling. Capacity (ability to contain) : 500cm deliver. p=80.13%

Sapphire 1 Bearing Grease 400g & " ; rocal sapphire 1 unilube. A revolutionary long life bearing grease for optimum lubrication. 1.

Everbuild Sprayable Oil Away Oil, Petrol, Diesel & Grease Cleaner 1 Litre Diesel and grease stains from driveways. It can be also used as a general cleaner to revive the look of pathways and patio areas.

Sapphire Hi Speed 2 Bearing Grease With a maximum speed rating of 1. 25x10 6 dmn and an excellent load carrying capacity (ability to contain). Excellent load carrying capacity (ability to contain).

3-IN-ONE Professional Anti-seize Copper Grease 300ml Therefore reducing metal to metal friction. Size (dimension details are mentioned as follows). 300ml spray can & " ;.

Sapphire Plain Bearing Grease 400g For the lubrication of plain bearings and slides. 2. Also available in 15kg and 50kg.

Sapphire Aqua-Sil Bearing Grease 500g Tin & " ; sapphire aqua-sil is a silicone grease with excellent high temperature stability which is uk water byelaws scheme approved for use with potable water. Water and gasses. Oils water and gas.

Sealey Pack of 80 Assorted Grease Nipples Metric Contains 6 popular attachment dimensions (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are) for different grease gun fixings. Contents: m6 x 1 millimeter (mm) straight x 20.

WD40 Specialist White Grease Aerosol Spray 400ml Reduces friction on metal to metal applications. Preventing corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion).

Air Grease Gun Can be bulk filled or use d with a cartridge. Include s Rigid (hard) and flexible nozzles. p=89.73%

Sealey Air Grease Gun 150psi Die-cast head and body with chromed steel grease tube. Trigger operated continuous flow gun with 3-way fill and air-bleed valve. Bulk or manual fill.

Lumatic 14.4v Cordless Grease Gun 400 Bar A heavy-duty 14. Model available for 400g lube-shuttle reg system cartridges.

Sealey In Car Adaptor for CPG12V Grease Gun In-Car Adaptor for CPG12V...

Clarke 400g Multi Purpose Black Grease (Cartridge)

Clarke Clarke CGG120 4-Piece Grease Gun Supplied (to your designated address) with both flexible Rigid (hard) delivery hoses. Appropriate for both diy and professional use. Product awards:.

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