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Stanley M/E Styrene Marking Gauge 2-47-064 This marking gauge is made from moulded plastic. The plastic stock has an abrasion resistant metal insert and the stem is calibrated for easy (simple) setting. p=96.46%

Starrett 159M Screw Pitch Gauge 0.5-11.5mm I. Screw pitch gauges quickly determine the pitch of various external and internal threads.

Starrett 172At Feeler Gauge 9 Piece 0.0015-0.015 Used to adjust tappets. Distributor points. Fitting pistons.

Starrett 172Ct Feeler Gauge 8 Piece 0.002-0.015 Checking bearing clearances and gear play. Fitting pistons. Locking device on all sets.

Starrett 172Mbt Feeler Gauge 9 Piece 0.04-0.3mm Spark plugs. Easily removed and replaced. Locking device on all sets.

Starrett 173Ma Feeler Gauge 13 Piece 0.03-0.5mm Spark plugs. Locking device on all sets. M.

Starrett 237M Depth Gauge 150mm Can be use d to quickly obtain measurements in 1 2 millimeter (mm) or 64th of an inch by adjusting the rule to the required depth. Tempered steel rule. p=93.52%

Starrett 272Ma Radius Gauge 0.75-5mm Starrett 272Ma Radius Gauge 0. 75- 5 millimeter (mm) , 66215 p=82.69%

Starrett 66Ma Feeler Gauge 20 Piece 0.05-1mm M. Leaves are tempered steel.

Starrett C493Me Protractor & Depth Gauge 150mm Graduation: 1 2 millimeter (mm) 6. Depths are measured from a 150 millimeter (mm) 6 inch blade. p=81.71%

Starrett S579Gz Telescopic Gauge Set 4 Piece Constant spring tension provides uniform contact pressure and both plungers are easily locked at any desired setting. Handles are rigidly attached to the contact plungers and are automatically self-centering.

SX1838-E Stapler 38mm 18 Gauge 8 - 8. 1m 76. 2 vibration m s2 3.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - Telescopic Tram Gauge Extendable to up to three metres. Easy (simple) to work read outs every time.

Power-Tec Power-Tec - Digital Paint Thickness Gauge (For Steel And Aluminium) For use in the automotive repair and painting industry and for estimators and insurers. Measuring up to 0. Providing a read out for every section it covers.

Tower Conduit Heavy Gauge 20mm x 2m White (40m) Pack of 20 Robust. Cost-effective protection of electrical wiring routes.

Trend Anglefix Mitre Guide (Gauges And T-Square / Anglefix) Architrave and beading as well as basic marking out. It will set internal and external angles and can be.

Trend T Square T/Sq (Gauges And T-Square / T-Square) This robust t square in solid (firm and hard) laminate provides an instant means of squaring off. Marking out. Setting-up jigs etc. p=92.74%

TTX1292 Angular Gauge Torque Wrench 1 2in (inch) square drive torque wrench with built-in angular gauge. 40-200nm 30-150ft.

Sealey Twin Connector Tyre Pressure Gauge 0 - 220psi Metal body. Compatible with both cars and commercial vehicles.

Machine Mart Xtra Laser 5448 Dial Type Inflator Gauge A robust tyre pressure gauge with large easy (simple) to read dial in kPa and psi (1 BAR = 100kPa)

Ring Automotive Digital Tyre & Tread Gauge The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : pressure in psi; bar; kpa; kilogram (kg) cm; unique (incomparable) rotating 360 nozzle; large; easy (simple) to read; oval digital display; easy (simple) to read tyre depth gauge; blue back-lit display; led direct

Sealey Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge Ergonomically designed lightweight tyre pressure gauge. Bar.

Honeywell Pressure Reducing Valve with Gauge 22mm Includes pressure gauge. Appropriate for domestic use. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - : pressure gauge; wras approved.

Vitrex 10 1033 Tile Professional Gauge 200mm Ideal (perfect of its kind) for tiling. Wallpaper. Saves costly mistakes. p=80.95%

Vitrex 90 2610 Feeler Gauge - Metric Appropriate for various do it yourself and automotive applications. 04. 15. p=90.91%

Vitrex 90 2710 Feeler Gauge - Imperial Taperedthickness of blades: 0. 010.

Faithfull Plastic Wall Plugs Yellow 5mm No 4 - 8 Gauge Pack of 1000 Faithfull plastic wall plugs are designed to cater for most general fixing jobs. Giving a strong secure fixing into both brick and concrete.

Machine Mart Xtra Oxford OF294 Digi Gauge Digital Tyre Gauge Featuring a dual (double) valve system. Pressure release valve and Ergonomic ( design (made) ed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) design (made). The digi gauge is easy (simple) to use and very Accurate (exact and precise) and appropriate for use with a huge range (scope and v

Machine Mart Xtra Laser 2611 ½" Drive Torque Angle Gauge This & " ; drive torque angle gauge is for fasteners used on some vehicles. Manufacturers are the specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - fying both torque and angle settings. With this gauge the professional mechanic can meet the demands of the new the

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