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Mini Combination Gauge The knurled brass thumbscrew is used to lock the stock and second marking pin or mortise spur in position. The second pin is fitted to a pullslide that can be accurately set and locked for mortise work. 1 4in).

Trend Trend Depth Gauge A metal rule depth gauge to help set the height of router cutters & & ; saw blades for far greater accuracy when cutting & & ; trimming timber.

Draper Magnetic Dial Gauge Stand For use with dial gauges. Etc. Powerful (having great power) magnetic (properties of magnet) base with on off switch.

Trend Trend Digital Depth Gauge For use on hand routers. Also ideal (perfect of its kind) for use with dovetail jig and mortise and tenon set ups.

Stanley Bostitch 38mm Galvanised 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nails & Fuel Pack of 2000 Sb16 series galvanised 16 gauge straight finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - nails & fuel cell to suitable (appropriate) gfn1664k cordless nailers. And are primarily used for finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows - and trim work in the constru

10 1033 Tile Profile Gauge 200mm & " ; Quick (fast) and easy (simple) way to copy awkward shapes. Wallpaper and laying carpet. Maximum profiling depth : 42mm.

Draper DIY Double Cylinder Foot Pump with Gauge Supplied (to your designated address) with nozzle for football. Air beds etc.

Sealey Diesel Compression Gauge / Hose / TDC Base Kit Used in conjunction with sealey glow plug adaptor kits (model no s vse3151. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - tdc finder which connects onto glow plug adaptors. Supplied (to your designated address) in carry-case with additional storage.

Siegen Double Barrel Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge Dial type pressure gauge with rotating bezel. Gauge calibrated in psi and bar with ranges from 0-100psi and 0-7bar. Fitted with 500 millimeter (mm) flexible pressure hose with clip-on type connector.

Gunson Gunson G4008 Trakrite Wheel Alignment Gauge Trakrite is the simplest. Most Accurate (exact and precise) device for checking the alignment of the steered wheels of car and light commercials. Fleet operator or private motorist.

Sealey Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester with 80mm Gauge Enables the testing of injectors under pressure. Fitted with 88mm gauge with rubber bumper reading both psi and bar. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for checking of atomisation pattern and opening pressure.

Plastic Wall Plugs 10 x 100 Brown 7mm 8-10 Gauge & " ; plastic wall plugs designed to cater for most general fixing jobs. They can be used with most popular screw dimensions ( size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are) and give a strong. Screw size (di

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Crossfire Gold System With Tram Gauge No more wasted time taking panels on and off after a pull to check the fit. Poorly fitting locks. Leaks and problems with wind noise.

Machine Mart Xtra Gunson G4101 - Hi-Gauge Compression Tester This information is used to diagnose faults in valves. Piston rings.

Machine Mart Xtra Gunson 77066 - Trakrite Camber Gauge Magnetic (properties of magnet) gauge attaches to the hub or disc brake for Accurate (exact and precise) checking of the castor and camber angle. Graduated from -3 degrees to 3 degrees.

Tower Conduit Heavy Gauge 25mm x 2m White (40m) Pack of 20 40m (20 x 2m). Robust.

Hitachi Nt65Gs Cordless Gas Finishing Nail Gun 16 Gauge Straight Nails 25 - 65mm + 2 Lithium Ion Ba Plus FREE Cleaning Kit The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - s :- light weight. Compact (small in size) design (made) - 2 x 1. 5ah (ampere-hour) lithium-ion batteries and 60 minute charger with adapter to charge batteries from a cigarette lighter socket- up to 1200 nails (In p=67.33%

Honeywell Pressure Reducing Valve with Gauge 15mm 5-6bar. Includes pressure gauge. Working pressure: 1.

Draper Pistol Grip Air Inflator with Dial Gauge Appropriate for use with motor vehicles. Cycles. Dinghies.

Machine Mart Xtra Gunson 77099 - Trakrite Magnetic Camber, Castor & Kinpin Gauge Castor and kingpin. It is a camber gauge with fixed graduation from 5 degrees to -5 degrees.

Machine Mart Xtra Laser 4584 Brake Disc Digital Gauge This brake disc digital caliper gauge measures in metric and imperial (0-6inch or 0-150mmwith) with an interchangeable system. Lcd reading on a12mm display and two batteries are included. The product is ce certificated and is rohs compliant.

Laser Laser 3899 Cambelts Tension Gauge This tensioning gauge can be used to adjust the tension on the Cambelt where the movement of the timing belt is measured by load ( nm (newton meter) ).

Laser Laser 5502 Brake Drum Wear Gauge A simple to use tool used to measure the wear limit on brake drums as well as to measure the diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - of the drum and then set the shoe position prior to drum re-fitting. Appropriate for use with a range (scope and variation) of models from various manu

Laser Laser Brake Disc Measurement Gauge Designed to measure the thickness of the brake discs with the wheels still on the vehicle. A great little gadget for any workshop or garage.

Gunson Gunson G4103 - Lo Gauge Vacuum Tester This useful vacuum gauge has several scales for checking fuel pumps. Fitting on most vehicles.

M2154 Mortice Gauge This combination mortice and marking gauge made of sealed rosewood incorporating brass facing strips. Knurled brass stock fixing screw and hardened steel spur to allow the gauge to be used for ordinary marking.

Machine Mart Xtra Makita BPT351Z - 18V LXT 23 Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer (Bare Unit) The makita bpt351rfe pin nailer provides truly cordless operation without the need for cumbersome and expensive compressors and hoses. This is a extremely versatile and useful tool. Bare unit only.

Sealey Magnetic Camber Castor & King Pin Gauge Robust. One for conveniently zeroing bubble during angle measurement and one for adjusting kingpin inclinati.

175C U Gauge Or Manometer U gauge or manometer. After installation or repairing any drain or pipeline system it should be tested for leaks using this gauge.

Marking & Mortice Gauge Wood and brass construction. Rubber. Fully adjustable (capability of being adjusted) spurs fully adjustable (capability of being adjusted) spurs. p=74.17%

M2153 Mortice & Marking Gauge Combination mortice and marking gauge made of sealed rosewood with a brass pull slide to adjust the additional spur for use as a mortice gauge. Knurled brass thumbscrew is used to secure the stock.

Marples M2154 Mortice Gauge Knurled brass stock fixing screw and hardened steel spur to allow the gauge to be use d for ordinary marking. This combination mortice marking gauge is made of sealed rosewood incorporating brass facing strips.

Marples Mr2049 Marking Gauge With a plastic thumbscrew. This marking gauge has a hardwood body and stock.

Marples Marples MR2049 Marking Gauge Standard (established by authority) timber marking gauge. And featuring hardened steel spurs for durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay) and scribing accuracy.

Machine Mart Xtra Power-Tec - Memo 10 Digital Tram Gauge Especially in the automotive industry. Featuring a spirit level for measuring height and complete with dual (double) angle adapters. Tips and 35 millimeter (mm) cones.

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