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Rothenberger Spring-Loaded Auto Tube Cutter 6-67mm Brass. Thin-walled steel and plastic-coated pipes. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - internal deburrer and spare wheel.

Festool Hw S8 D43/21 A/Kl Counter Profile Cutter Hw Shank 8mm D 43 millimeter (mm) NL 21 millimeter (mm) B 5 millimeter (mm) R 16 millimeter (mm)...

Bahco 2520 Cable Cutter 3mm 450mm Maximum messenger wire diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular tool) - 5 millimeter ( millimeter (mm) ) and maximum breaking point 1800n millimeter (mm) sq. Cable cutter to cut telephone cables with or without messenger wire up to a maximum diameter (width of a cylindrical or circular to p=69.36%

Bahco Bolt Cutter 8&quot For comfortable use. While providing an excelent grip.

Bahco Slice Pipe Cutter for 10mm Copper Pipe Bahco pipe slices are automatic tube cutters that fit directly over the pipe and cuts with a simple twist. They are compact (small in size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) ) in size (dimension details are mentioned as follows).

Machine Mart Xtra Makita BC231UDZ - 36V Cordless LXT Brush Cutter (Bare Unit) The powerful (having great power) motor rotates the cutting blade to a maximum speed of 7000 rpm (rounds per minute) and the machine is capable of cutting to a width of 230mm. The cutter comes complete with protective hood.

ESD Electronics Diagonal Cutters - Pointed Non Bevelled 115mm 77 02 115: round head. With small bevel 77 42 115: pointed head. Wire cutting capacities ( millimeter (mm) ): medium: 0.

ESD Electronics Diagonal Cutters - Round Non Bevelled 115mm Friction free box joint and return spring built into handle. With bevel and lead catcher 77 22 115: round head. 3 knipex kpx7722esd.

Drain Cutter & Beveller PPC110 Appropriate for use by right or left handed users. It will cut and bevel plastic soil and drain pipes as short as 100 millimeter (mm). Removal of the leg enables the cutter to be used in a confined space or alternatively screwed or bolted to a heavy board or timber on mu

Biscuit Router Cutter No.10 Join corners. And edge to edge. Without the cost of a specialist machine.

Biscuit Router Cutter No.20 Join corners. Edge to surface. Without the cost of a specialist machine.

Biscuit Router Cutter No.20 1/2"" Without the cost of a specialist machine. Join corners. Tungsten carbide (compound of carbon) tipped tungsten carbide (compound of carbon) tipped. p=81.89%

BC924H Cam Adjusted High Tensile Bolt Cutter 610mm (24 in) & " ; high tensile (capability of being stretched) bolt cutters cam adjusted (bc series) with jaws specially heat treated for cutting very hard materials up to brinell 500. The lighter handle construction is ideal (perfect of its kind) for difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Toughbuilt Folding Bolt Cutters 18" (450mm) Rubber-coated handles provide maximum comfort and distribute pressure evenly. Lifetime guarantee (assurance) against manufacturing defects.

Cobolt - Bolt Cutter With Return Spring 200mm The newly designed lever action mechanism guarantees an extremely favourable lever ratio with low friction. Innovation and efficiency. Two-colour dual (double) component (constituent part) handles without collar for better handling and easy (simple) transport.

End Cut Bolt Cutter 610mm (24in) Or when cutting different shaped sections of metal. Fitted with soft-grip handles for user comfort. These end cut bolt cutters are low- tensile (capability of being stretched) cutters with a pincer movement and a close cut for a neat finishing details of this product are mentioned as follows -.

Machine Mart Xtra Irwin Record T924H 610mm Arm Adjusted High Tensile Bolt Cutter Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) and easy (simple) to use. 9mm jaw opening and high tensile (capability of being stretched).

Olympia Centre Cut Bolt Cutter 8&quot Hardened and tempered. Heat treated. For cutting wire.

Bosch 10mm Diameter Wood Plug Cutter Cutting of precise (exact). Perfectly fitting wood plugsfeatures:- additional long body. p=86.75%

Bosch 25mm Diameter Wood Plug Cutter Fits into all standard (established by authority) drill (In our listed range of hand tools, we have drills which are used in making wholes to wood and other materials and do mulitple tasks. These drills come in a range of capacities) s- precision ground cutting head - multiple reliefs for easy (s p=57.76%

Bosch 35mm Diameter Wood Plug Cutter Perfectly fitting wood plugsfeatures:- additional long body. Cutting of precise (exact). p=86.75%

Bosch 40mm Diameter Wood Plug Cutter Open sides for easy (simple) removal of plugs- 13 millimeter (mm) shaft. Perfectly fitting wood plugsfeatures:- additional long body. p=85.00%

Bosch Hover Mower Safety Cutter Blades Pack of 24 For Bosch Alm 30 / Qualcast Easy-Lite 30 & Hover Safe 30 Mower Safety Cutter Blades for Bosch Alm 30/ Qualcast easy (simple) -lite 30 & & ; & ; Hover Safe 30... p=83.02%

Britool Copper Pipe Cutter 55mm Copper-pipe cutterFeatures:- Tube cutting capacity (ability to contain) 16 millimeter (mm) max- easy (simple) knob adjustment- Built-in deburring- Delivered with spare bladeSpecifications:Length: 55 millimeter (mm) Weight: 120g...

Makita EM2651LH Petrol Brush Cutter 400mm Cut 4 Stroke 25.4cc Engine Quiet. Powerful (having great power) engine with very low emissions. The specification details of this product are mentioned as follows - : bore: 25.

Ryobi ALT03 Expandit Grass Trimmer Attachment for Ryobi Expandit Brush Cutters & Grass Trimmers The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - :wide 460mm cutting path 2. 7kg (kilogram).

McCulloch Pruner Multi Tool Attachment for McCulloch Multi Tool Compatible Brush Cutters & Grass Trimmers 25cm (10 " ) bar and chain for pruning branches. On board oil container provides automatic chain lubrication.

Makita EBH341U - 33.5cc 4-Stroke Brush Cutter Boasting a 1. Manufactured (made) from bearinged solid (firm and hard) steel. This cutter is tough.

CK 16mm RedLine Cable Cutters 160mm Drop forged chrome (chromium-plated) vanadium steel for strength and durability (long lasting and able to resist wear, tear and decay). Induction hardened and precision ground cutting edges for high cutting performance.

Cable Cutters 150mm (6") Non-slip grip. 6& " ; (152mm). Carbon steel carbon steel. p=90.62%

Cable Cutters 240mm Carbon steel carbon steel. Rounded jaws for cutting copper and aluminium. Vinyl (polyvinyl - plastic or synthetic resin) dipped handle s for non-slip grip. p=83.21%

C.K Heavy Duty Cable Cutter 175mm Precision ground cutting edges for ultimate performance. One-handed cable cutter appropriate for copper or aluminium wire. Certified and independently audited by vde institute.

BC914H Cam Adjusted High Tensile Bolt Cutter 355mm (14 in) Special design (made) for Quick (fast) simple adjustment. Yet still offering heavy-duty cutting performance and hard working reliability. Centre cut.

Olympia Centre Cut Bolt Cutter 14&quot High carbon alloy steel blades. Heat treated. Chains and bolts.

Festool HW S8 D22.7/R5 KL Chamfer Ogee Cutter HW Shank 8mm 5 millimeter (mm) ball bearing (included with the delivered items). 7 millimeter (mm) nl - 12 millimeter (mm) gl - 52 millimeter (mm) r - 5 millimeter (mm).

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