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Weller Sp25L Soldering Iron 25W 240v All purpose soldering iron for general electric al repairs in the home and hobby workshops. Volt: 230watt : 25.

Weller Pyropen Piezo Soldering Iron Cordless pyropen piezo soldering iron powered by butane gas. Supplied (to your designated address) complete with 3. p=85.99%

Weller 2015 Soldering Iron With Plug 15W 240V 15w miniature soldering iron designed for the electronic hobby enthusiast. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for those delicate tasks requiring a little more power. 0 millimeter (mm) nickel plated tip and iron rest. p=89.64%

Weller 9200Udk Soldering Gun Kit Smoothing tip. Screwdriver.

Weller Conical Soldering Tip 0.4mm For BP645 A conical replacement tip for use with models bp645eu and bp645ceu. Tip width 0.

Weller 2012 Soldering Iron With Plug 12W 240V 12w miniture light weight soldering iron designed for soldering where pecision troch is essential. Reaches a temperature of approx 396 c.

Weller 2020 Soldering Iron With Plug 20W 240V Fitted with a mains cable complete with a moulded 13 & f use d plug. Reaches 492 and is complete with 3. p=95.50%

Weller Conical Soldering Tip 0.8mm For BP860 Replacement tip for Weller BP860CEU...

Weller Conical Soldering Tip 1.8mm For BP860 Weller Conical Soldering Tip 1. 8 millimeter (mm) For BP860, 404090 p=85.25%

Weller Si120D Marksman Soldering Iron 120W Soldering iron has a thermoplastic handle designed for comfort and a safe grip. All connections are mechanically and electric ally secure. Supplied (to your designated address). p=88.29%

Weller Si175 Marksman Soldering Iron 175W 175w. 230v (volts). p=68.75%

Weller Wp60 Pyropen Soldering Iron Cordless pyropen soldering iron powered by butane gas. Light weight and easily refillable.


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