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Sealey is one of the most popular and hot selling brand in heat and hot air guns products and there is wide range of heat/hot air guns available from Sealey which can be found in the range of 1600W (watt) to 2000W (watt). The Sealey range are available in voltage of 240V (volt) and 110V (volt). The temperature of these Sealey gun varies from 50 to 500 degree centigrade and this temperature variation varies for each type of guns. In some of these guns you will find LED temperature display and the speed option are available from 2 to 3 speed range and this also varies for each type of sealey guns. The spare parts like nozzle for these heat and hot guns are also available, for a quick details on a particular spare part, please use the search form or browse through categories. To get a complete range of these heat guns from Sealey and its features, please have a look at the below mentioned range of our heat and hot air guns.

Selected brand : Sealey


Sealey Deluxe Hot Air Gun / Heat Gun Kit with LED Display Fitted with variable electronic temperature control and led temperature display. Appropriate for paint stripping. Removing sticky (adhering property) labels and defrosting frozen pipes. p=88.95%

Sealey Hot Air Gun Kit Power output: 766. Double (twin) insulated hot air gun appropriate for paint stripping. p=83.53%

Sealey Hot Air Gun 2000W 3-Speed 50-600°C Variable Heat Equipped with triple (threefold) - range (scope and variation) variable electronic temperature control. Soft soldering. Removing sticky (adhering property) labels and defrosting frozen pipes. p=82.57%

Sealey Hot Air Gun 1600W 2-Speed 300/500ºC Composite. Appropriate for paint stripping. Soft soldering. p=87.60%


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