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Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type Die-cast head and body with chromed steel grease tube. Include s Rigid (hard) extension tube and 4-jaw coupler. Bulk or manual fill. p=93.98%

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Sealey Cordless Grease Gun Developing 6000psi. Ideal (perfect of its kind) for in-field lubrication where power and speed are required. The feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - lcd battery condition indicator (directing device). p=67.53%

Sealey Pistol Type Grease Gun 1-Way Fill Die-cast pump head with twist type air-bleed. One-way fill with bulk capability. Can be use d as pistol or straight type grease gun.

Sealey Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill 3-way fill with cartridge. Supplied (to your designated address) with Rigid (hard) extension tube and push-on hydraulic 4-jaw coupling. Capacity (ability to contain) : 500cm deliver. p=80.13%

Sealey 7 Piece Grease Gun Adaptor Kit 360. 90 slide-on.

Sealey Battery For Rechargeable Grease Gun 7ah (ampere-hour). Battery for cpg12v rechargeable grease gun. p=85.71%

Sealey Grease Control Valve for AK452X, AK453X Grease Control Valve - appropriate for AK452X & & ; & ; AK453XDescription: Grease Control Valve... p=82.30%

Sealey Grease Pump Air Operated 12.5kg Fitted with high efficiency 50:1 air motor. Workshop tested reliability. Fitted with a follower plate to prevent pump unit cavitation and ensure a smooth flow of grease.

Sealey Mini Grease Gun Ideal (perfect of its kind) for limited access (the ability) areas or where smaller amounts of grease are required. Capacity (ability to contain) : 125cm delivery pressure: 1000psidelivery per stroke: 0. 9cm overall l. p=84.21%

Sealey Needle Nose Grease Dispenser Long nozzle gives access (the ability) to hard to reach areas. Dispenses fine bead of grease. p=90.80%


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