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Rocol Sapphire 1 Bearing Grease 400G Fully automatic contain s sapphire grease 1. 3. 6 and 12 month lubrication intervalseasy to install temperature range (scope and variation). p=88.89%

Rocol 12176 Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease 5Kg Triple (threefold) life bearing grea. Appropriate for all types of ball. p=77.04%

Rocol 12171 Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease 400G Sapphire bearing grease sapphire 2:revolutionary Triple (threefold) life bearing grease that offers excellent load carrying and corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) resistance properties. Roller and plain bearings. Triple (threefold) life bearing grea. p=87.34%

Rocol 12251 Sapphire Aqua-Sil´Grease 85G Tube Sapphire aqua-sil also offers good resistance to chemicals. Oils. Water an.

Rocol 12253 Sapphire Aqua-Sil´Grease 500G Tin Oils. Sapphire aqua-sil also offers good resistance to chemicals.

Rocol 12751 Sapphire Aqua 2 Grease 380G Sapphire aqua 2:sapphire aqua 2 is a soap thickened grease designed to give superior resistance to water washout. Sapphire aqua 2 gives exceptional corrosion (rusting, corroded, erosion) protection and long term lubrication for bearings operating in water or exposed to c. p=94.00%

Rocol 34305 Sapphire Spray Grease - 400Ml Temperature range (scope and variation) -50 to 200 c size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 400ml. High performance grease in convenient aerosol form. p=74.33%

Rocol 12011 Plain Bearing Grease 400G Exceptional load carrying capabilities - contain s molybdenum disulphide. 2. Also available in 15kg 50kg.

Rocol 12051 Sapphire Hi Speed 2 Bearing Grease With a maximum speed rating of 1. Sapphire hi- speed is recommended for.


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