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Faithfull Plastic Wall Plugs Red 5.5mm No 6 - 10 Gauge Pack of 1000 Giving a strong secure fixing into both brick and concrete. The faithfull faifxppred p.

Faithfull Depth Gauge With Protractor A versatile tool that allows the angle and depth to be measured simultaneously. The protractor the feature and characteristic details of this product are mentioned as follows - deep etched graduations 0 - 180 in opposite directions permitting the reading of both the direct and supplement angles. p=85.44%

Faithfull Mini Combination Gauge Made to the same exacting high standards as their regular size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) d c. This miniature combination gauge has been designed for use by the discerning woodworker and modelmaker who requires more manageable tools for those intricate small applications. p=90.81%

Faithfull Rosewood Combination Gauge-Screw Adj This dual (double) purpose gauge is hardwood with brass fittings. The second pin is use d for mortice work can be accurately set by means of the screwslide. p=95.45%

Faithfull Rosewood Cutting Gauge Primarily use d for scoring across the grain but can be use d for cutting small strips of veneer. Hardwood cutting gauge.

Faithfull Rosewood Marking Gauge Hardwood marking gauge with brass fittings. Use d to mark parallel (extending in the same direction) lines to an edge along the grain. p=83.68%

Faithfull Amer-Nat 55 Blade Screw Pitch Gauge Set 0.25 - 6mm Metric The faithfull faipitchma screw pitch gauge with a combination of 55 metric standard (established by authority) 60 degree and american national 60 degree leaves per gauge (0. 25 to 6. The leaves are clearly etched with the size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) and are used to determine

Faithfull Plastic Wall Plugs Brown 7mm No 8 - 10 Gauge Pack of 1000 They can be used with popular screw dimensions (size and measurement in length, width and thickness of this product are). Giving a strong secure fixing into both brick and concrete. The faithfull faifxppbrown.

Faithfull Plastic Wall Plugs Yellow 5mm No 4 - 8 Gauge Pack of 1000 Faithfull plastic wall plugs are designed to cater for most general fixing jobs. Giving a strong secure fixing into both brick and concrete.


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