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Draper General Duty Staple Gun Tacker Expert (proficient) quality. Use s 6 to 14 millimeter (mm) staples and is supplied (to your designated address) complete with 125 x 8 millimeter (mm) and 125 x 12 millimeter (mm) staples and staple remover. Box of 1000 staples. p=78.80%

Draper Hand Staple Gun & Nailer Impact resistant housing and Ergonomic (designed to reduce and minimize physical effort and discomfort) handle with safety lock system. Adjustable (capability of being adjusted) power control. p=66.44%

Draper DIY Staple Gun / Tacker with Pack of 100 12mm Staples The anvil is easily removed to convert to a staple gun. Supplied (to your designated address) with 100 staples.

Draper Heavy Duty Staple Gun Tacker Appropriate for a wide variety of diy applications. Safety loop on handle. Box of 1000 staples. p=91.46%

Draper Lightduty Staple Gun Or Tacker Appropriate for a wide range (scope and variation) of diy applications including upholstery. Use s 4. p=77.60%

Draper DIY Series Staple Gun 4 - 8mm Staples Metal bodied - uses staples size (dimension details are mentioned as follows) 4. 6 and 8 millimeter (mm).

Draper Electric Brad Nail Gun & Staple Gun 6-16mm Staples / Nails 240v Hardboard. Plastics and fibreglass. Uses staples and t nails 6-15mm long.


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