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Draper is one of the popular and admired brand in the calipers range. Some of the types of calipers which are available with us are mentioned as follows -
  • Vernier Caliper - These are available in 6-inches and 8inches.
  • Metric Diameter Caliper
  • Spring Caliper
  • Dual Reading Caliper
    These are also available with fine adjustments. For a complete range and information regarding the draper calipers, please have a look at the below section.

    Selected brand : Draper


    Draper 0 - 200mm Or 8&quot Vernier Caliper With Fine Adjustment Manufactured (made) from hardened stainless steel. Depth and step. Satin scales with fine adjustment. p=95.43%

    Draper 0 - 150mm Or 6&quot Vernier Caliper Four way measurement: internal. External. Display packed in plastic sto.

    Draper 150mm Or 6&quot Caliper Gauge Metric imperial graduations. Cm millimeter (mm) and 1 16 " inches. p=80.58%

    Draper 3/8&quot Square Drive Brake Caliper Wind Back Cube Five key patterns. Appropriate for most rear brake calipers. p=87.39%

    Draper 0 - 140mm Vernier Caliper With Fine Adjustment Satin scales with fine adjustment. Reading 0.

    Draper 115mm Or 4.1/2&quot Caliper Gauge Cm millimeter (mm) and 1 16 " inches. Can be use d for internal. p=78.26%

    Draper 150mm Outside Spring Calipers Draper 150 millimeter (mm) Outside Spring Calipers, 74931 p=83.50%

    Draper 0 - 150mm Metric Dial Caliper Expert (proficient) quality. Slider displacements are amplified by a rack and pinion mechanism and indicated on the dial. Reading 0. p=94.07%

    Draper 150mm Inside Spring Calipers Draper 150 millimeter (mm) Inside Spring Calipers, 75353 p=83.17%

    Draper 1/2&quot Square Drive Caliper Piston Retraction Tool Ensures parallel (extending in the same direction) piston retraction. Thus avoiding damage to piston seals. For use on twin (double) fixed and single piston sliding calipers. p=84.44%

    Draper Expert Quality Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit Right handed winder allows the easy (simple) return of the brake piston into the caliper to provide clearance for new brake pads. Fits most vehicles. p=96.22%

    Draper Plastic Digital Vernier Caliper 6&quot / 150mm General purpose gauge with carbon fibre components fitted with metric imperial digital lcd display. Can be used for internal and external measurements.


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