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A hand plane is tool which is used to reduce the thickness of wood and is also used to smoothen the wood surface. A sharp metal plate blade is attached at the bottom of the hand plane and when applied on a wooden surface, it starts slicing and smoothing the wood surface. The hand tool plane are generally be divided into two i.e. block plane and bench plane.

The parts of a hand plane are as follows -

  • Mouth - It has an opening through which metal plate blade is placed at the bottom of the hand plane.
  • Metal Plate Blade - It is made of steel.
  • Lever Cap - It is used to hold the the metal plate blade.
  • Depth Adjustment Knob - It is used to place the metal plate blade at a right place on the bottom of the hand plane.
  • Cap Iron
  • Adjustment Lever - This helps in adjusting the depth of slices made on wood.
  • Tote - Tote is a handle on the rear of hand plane.
  • Frog - It helps in holding the plane at a right angle.
  • Types of plane

  • Wooden Plane - It is made of wood
  • Metal / Iron Plane - If is made of steel
  • Transitional Plane - It is made from both the wood and metal
  • Scrub Plane - It helps in reducing a greater amount of wood material
  • Smoothing Plane - It is generally used for smoothing purpose
  • There are some special purpose hand plane also, the list of which are as follows -

  • Chisel Plane - It helps in removing wood up to a perpendicular surface.
  • Moulding Plane - It is used for moulding purpose.
  • Plow Plane
  • Router Plane
  • Shoulder Plane
  • Finger Plane - It is used on very small materials.
  • For a list and types of hand plane, please have a look at the above list of mentioned brands.

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