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A nail gun cordless or corded is also known as nailer which is electrically powered and is used for driving and inserting nails into wooden like materials. These nail guns/nailers are used in home, garden and for construction work. These are ideally used in tasks like flooring, roofing, panelling, door framing etc. A trigger button is attached to the nail gun and when this button is pressed nails from magazine are droved into your working material. The number of nails that can fired in a minute depends upon the capacity which varies for each nail gun. Similarly, the length of the nail gun and the thickness of nails it can drive also varies for each nail gun.

What is magazine in nail gun ?
The thing in which the nails are stored is called the magazine.

Types of nail gun according to the firing rate per minute are

  • 20, 25, 30 per minute
  • 60, 70 per minute
  • 120, 180, 240 per minute

    Types of nail gun according to the battery range are -
  • 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5 Ah
  • 2.0, 2.1 Ah
  • 5.0 Ah

    Types of nail gun according to Volts(V) are -
  • 6 Volts
  • 7.2, 7.4 Volts
  • 18 Volts
  • 230, 240 Volts

    Some of the ideal features of a nail gun/nailer are as follows -
  • It should be lighter in weight
  • It should be easy to use and have soft grip, non slip handles so that it is easier to hold the nail gun
  • It should be able to work in areas where the space for working is less and the corners should be easily reachable for working
  • It should be able to handle different length sizes of nails
  • Nail gun which have anti jam feature provides an additional advantage
  • An ideal depth of the magazine so that sufficient amount of nails can be stored in it
  • Loading of nails into the magazine should be quick
  • It should have a safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing of nails

    Have a look at the above list of popular brands for nailer/nail gun.

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