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A heat gun also known as hot air gun . It is electrically powered and is used for various types of jobs like drying a surface or paint, shrinking, softening of adhesives, stripping varnish and heating of liquids. A stream of hot air is blown to do the above mentioned activities. It usually comes with adjustable air flow and temperature to suit the different DIY requirements. The front end comes with removable rings, nozzles and heads to suit different kinds of DIY jobs which makes it possible to work in tighter and corner working areas. A thermostat is usually fitted in the heat/hot air guns to prevent it to from overheating.

Types of heat / hot air gun according to (Volts) range are
  • 230V heat / hot air gun
  • 240V heat / hot air gun
  • 110V heat / hot air gun

    The heat gun according to watt are of following range
  • 1300 watt to 1500 watt heat / hot air gun
  • 1600 watt to 2000 watt heat / hot air gun
  • 2000 watt to 2300 watt and plus super heat / hot air gun for professionals

    Heating range of hot air guns
    The heating can be in the range of 50 degree Centigrade to 700 degree Centigrade and the above limit varies for each type of heat/hot air guns. Some more hotter heat/hot air guns are also available in the market if you have to do a job which requires a temperature of more than 700 degree Centigrade.

    Some of the ideal feature of heat/hot air gun are as follows -

  • Easy to grip and non slip handles so that the gun can be hold comfortably
  • Overheating protection
  • Temperature display guide
  • Safety switch

    110v Heat Gun

    230V Heat Gun

    240V Heat Gun

    2000 Watt Heat Gun


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