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A manual door closer is a device which is mechanical and is used to close the door when it is opened. It has an twisted arm(in surface mounted door closers), whose one side is attached with the door closer and the other is attached to the door frame while the door closer is attached to the door. Most of these are hydraulic and its speed can be controlled by making the adjustments provided on it. The capacity of a door closer to handle door weight also varies from one model to another and it depends upon your requirement that how much door weight a door closer has to carry.

A surface mounted door closer is mounted and attached on the top side of the door while in concealed type door closers these are fixed inside the door. These are available in brass, nickel, silver and black finish.

Types of Door Closer
  • Surface-mounted
  • Concealed in frame
  • Concealed in floor
  • Concealed in door

    Please have a look at our above section of brands for a complete door closer range and for other door parts like door knobs, hinges and handle levers, you can browse these categories or use the search form.

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