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A door bell is mounted on the wall, surface mounted, or fixed on the door which produces a ringing sound when its button is pressed or pushed. It comes in brass, chrome and nickel finish. It has three components door bell button, chime and transformer. It is used for alert purpose i.e. it alerts you when a guest or a visitor is standing outside your home.

The types of door bells are as follows -

Electric powered door bells
Electric powered door bell requires power to produce a ringing sound when pushed and are connected with a transformer. These electric door bells are usually weatherproof.

A electric door bell can be divided into two categories

  • Wired electric door bell in which the signal is transmitted through wire
  • Wireless electric door bell in which a radio signal is send by the transmitter

    Mechanical powered door bell
    In mechanical powered door bell there is no need for power requirement. The mechanical bells are often given a antique look and produces a sound when pulled.

    The door bells are available in different shapes and sizes like round, square and rectangular and some of these also illuminates when the button of the door bell is pushed. A range of door bells are listed in the above mentioned brand links.

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